How Supporting R-MA Helps Attract Talented Students to Our Private Academy

Despite the fact that student enrollment at private schools has been declining across North America for the last several years, enrollment at Randolph-Macon Academy is on a notable upswing! This is thanks to R-MA’s reputation for delivering hardworking students into a successful future. 

Our academic programs challenge and support students in reaching their full potential. Through our college-prep approach to education, a unique Air Force Junior ROTC program, and student support services, R-MA has been able to attract talented students to a community that is geared towards academic excellence. If you’re interested in giving back to R-MA, read on to learn more about the educational culture at R-MA and the initiatives worth supporting. 

A College-Oriented Education

First and foremost, R-MA is a college preparatory academy. That means that each and every one of our students can expect to receive full support from our faculty to ensure they achieve academic success beyond their school years. For ambitious, goal-oriented students, R-MA offers a place for them to excel. 

R-MA’s graduating classes have a 100% college acceptance rate and receive an average of over $8 million in college scholarships each year. Our curriculum attracts students to a learning environment that not only demands academic success but also places a unique focus on building college-readiness skills. With a combination of Pre-Professional Pathways, experiential learning activities, and a capstone project, students at R-MA can expect to find engaging opportunities to delve into potential career interests on a deeper level. When you donate to R-MA, you support our commitment to delivering the next generation of talented young people into the world.  

donate to R-MA
Students are drawn to our college-preparatory program that supports future success 

Our Unique Air Force Junior ROTC Program

R-MA is currently the only private school in the United States that offers the Air Force Junior ROTC program. This attracts numerous students who are looking to explore the field of Aerospace Science, while also learning skills for life. 

All Upper School students participate in this program to receive instruction in air and space fundamentals along with elements of survival, first aid, health, and fitness. Students have the chance to live out these lessons through field trips, drill ceremonies, team-building exercises, and leadership opportunities. As an innovative course that builds both knowledge and character, the AFJROTC offers an integrated learning experience to students at R-MA. By supporting R-MA, you can help us to provide programs that continue to engage young people of integrity and grit. 

giving back to R-MA
Donate to R-MA to support our innovative Air Force ROTC program for students

Giving Opportunities to Students With Financial Aid Needs

In our mission to build a community of passionate, driven, and talented students, we are committed to assisting families from a variety of backgrounds with our financial resources. We understand that a high-quality education is a significant investment in a student’s future. To support incoming students, our Admissions Counsellors work with families in submitting an application for tuition assistance. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, R-MA was pleased to offer financial aid to over 230 families. Additionally, R-MA also offers two different deferred payment plans to ease the cost of tuition. By offering a robust Financial Aid service, R-MA is able to enroll highly talented students, regardless of their financial resources.

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