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How Students at Our Prep School Can Use Technology to Enhance Their Learning

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we use various technologies on-campus to help our students reach their full potential. The use of technology across various subjects helps students engage with course matter in ways that are hands-on and that equip them with valuable skills. This experiential approach to learninghelpsthem discover new ways to explore their passionsand empowers them to reach their goals. Better yet, gaining experience with these kinds of technologies is something students can use to their advantageas they enter university and prepare for their careers.

Here are some examples of how R-MA students can use technology when they return to class this spring.

Our Innovation Wing Offers Students Many Opportunities to Use Technology

R-MA’s Hadeed Innovation Wing is where students can pursue their subject of interest through our Pre-Professional Pathways, and the wing offers them many technological tools to choose from. For example, students can use an FAA-certified flight simulator for flight practice and to put in hours toward their private pilot certification. Students at both the Middle and Upper School levels are also each given an Apple device, which they can use in the wing to brush up on computer-related skills such as programming.

Students Can Try Out the Computer Science Course at Our Prep School

Anyone interested in programming will be especially excited about our Computer Science course. Students taking the Computer Science course at our boarding high school have plenty of opportunities to develop their understanding of the fundamentals of computer programming. They’ll learn about Java, an essential programming language that provides an excellent entry point into the field. During their studies, students will even have the opportunity to delveinto the field of robotics using VEX IQ products. They’ll be able to build and design robots, which will help sharpen their skills and instincts in engineering, as well as help them build essential soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, cooperation, and more!

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Using Drones to Learn All About Flight

Students at our prep school can also delve into the fascinating and cutting-edge world of drone technology. That’s because their experience learning about flight technology extends to drones. Learning about unmanned aircraft systems at R-MA can help students better understand drone flight, gain hands-on experience flying drones, receive mission-specific training, and conduct flights alongside local organizations. R-MA’s aircraft also have some great technological capabilities, such as the ability to renderpoint cloud 3D models, capture thermal imagery, and more!

Students can learn how to fly drones

Students Interested in the Visual and Performing Arts Also Have Technology at Their Fingertips

Students returning to campus in spring who are enrolled in the visual and performing arts programs have unique opportunities of their own to utilize different types of technology. When our Middle School students take part in the Digital Piano course, for example, they will have access to recording technology while learning within our MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Piano Lab. Students in the Digital Media/Yearbook course, by contrast, will gain experience using photo editing tools and more onfun projects, such as R-MA’s yearbook or an online interactive tour of the school.

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