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How Students Grow From Individualized Support at Our Preparatory School

Every student enjoying their journey through the Randolph-Macon Academy curriculum receives personalized guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of university preparation. At R-MA, we understand that each student is different, taking into consideration the diversity of our student body and everything each student brings to the table in regards to their academics, extracurriculars, passions, and strengths. 

Individualized support is important for our approach at R-MA, and is part of what contributes to the 100% college acceptance rate of our graduates every year. The individualized attention that students receive as they complete an innovative and rigorous academic curriculum prepares them for the challenges they will face when they move on to the next chapter of their academic lives in university. Read on to learn more about the individualized support students receive at R-MA. 

Our College Prep School Advocates for Every Student’s Success

Students of R-MA and their families come from all walks of life, from all areas of the world. Our college prep school prepares for the individual needs of each student through the process of a rigorous college counseling program with counselors who are dedicated to the success of each student. Programs with our counselors include guidance on college visitations and applications, possible scholarships, college readiness plans, and much more.

With an average class size of only twelve students, R-MA prioritizes individualized support from the classroom to college counseling sessions. Faculty and staff at R-MA are committed to providing the guidance that each student needs as they set out to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals through our student-centered academic programming which meets students where they are while pushing them to be their best. When each student is met with patience and support at every step in their academic journey, they are prepared to achieve long term success. 

college prep school
Our college prep school is committed to advocating for every student’s success based on their unique situations

Prepare Every Detail with a College Readiness Plan Based on Individual Interests

The College Counseling Mission at R-MA is to facilitate the college admissions process for both students and their families. It’s important that each student finds the right fit academically, socially, and financially for their post-secondary education, and our team is committed to helping each student find it. Goals, grades, and ambitions vary greatly from student to student and the going-to-college culture that the entire campus at R-MA rallies behind helps students define these goals and pursue them accordingly. 

When students are given the opportunity to explore these interests, they step into their own as young adults. Academic counselors are available for students on an ongoing basis to help students explore their college aspirations, the appropriate curriculum for desired career pathways, preparation for college entrance exams, and deliberate planning for college applications. When you choose our preparatory school, you choose a successful academic future.

boarding school
College readiness plans help students at R-MA apply their personal and academic strengths to find the right fit for university

Students Receive Personalized Support Outside of the Classrooms

At R-MA, students are expected to perform their best as they complete their rigorous academic courses. Not only will faculty and staff oversee their success in the classroom with individualized guidance, but they will also see to the students’ growth outside of the classroom. 

Students are encouraged to join clubs that suit their interests, with faculty empowering them to pursue their passions and get connected with their peers over a topic that gives them a common ground. Stepping into leadership roles for their clubs furthers the improvement of students’ personal skills, preparing them to be effective communicators. Students are also encouraged to pursue a Pre-Professional Pathway, which provides specialized support for a small number of students as they dive deeper into possible career interests. The support found at R-MA across the board will provide every student with the personal, academic, and professional skills they need to succeed in university and beyond. 

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