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How Students Build Global Perspectives at R-MA

For many years, Randolph-Macon Academy has welcomed students from countries around the world to join our school community. Here on “The Hill,” students have the opportunity to share their perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds with one another. 

In our globalized world, the ability to connect and collaborate with people from different countries and cultures is an invaluable skill. Innovative academic programs equip our graduates with the resilience and leadership skills to take on numerous positions in the global economy. With continued support for our international outlook, R-MA can prepare today’s students to set their sights on future successes in the global landscape. 

Building a Strong Student Body

A supportive student body is essential to building trust, respect, and achievement in individuals. At R-MA, we are proud to host a student body from across the country and around the world, right here on our campus. From China to Mexico to New Zealand to the United States, students come to R-MA to build long-lasting connections and pave their way to academic success. 

As our students learn and work together, they develop a perspective centered around respect and build essential communication and collaboration skills that will help them succeed in the modern world.

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An Enriching Learning Environment  

At R-MA, we foster an environment that reflects the real working world. Through a dynamic blend of academic courses, extracurricular activities, summer programs, and pre-professional courses, R-MA builds connections between its students, enriching the academic experience for all.

Academic programs encourage inclusivity of ideas and perspectives

Unique Programs Designed for Success on the Global Stage

Our students excel in personal, academic, and professional arenas. Graduates have been awarded numerous academic honors and gone on to leading universities across North America. Through a rigorous academic curriculum, Advanced Placement courses, and a College Readiness program, R-MA aims to give each and every student the opportunity to achieve their goals. 

Our Pre-Professional Pathway courses prepare students for innovative careers in the global workforce. Courses include Global Entrepreneurship, Aviation, High Flight, and Software and Engineering. Graduates of our programs find ways to meet the challenges, needs, and problems of the world with an innovative mindset. 

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