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How Students Begin Building Life Skills for College at Our Private Middle School

From a young age, students at Randolph-Macon Academy begin to build valuable life skills that will benefit them throughout college and beyond. Year after year, our Middle School students impress our community with the growth, responsibility, and maturity they build throughout their time on campus. While maintaining an emphasis on passion and fun, students move on to their High School years already having gained so much fulfillment.

R-MA focuses on preparing students for strong and successful futures, with extra attention on personal and character development. Through rigorous academics, community engagement, and engaging extracurriculars, students develop the skills they need to thrive as young adults pursuing college acceptance. Continue reading to see how students build these skills at our private middle school.

Collaboration Skills Thrive in a Diverse Environment

R-MA Middle School students benefit from an environment that is built upon collaboration. The curriculum at our preparatory school focuses on innovation, technology, and the arts, allowing students to thrive in various settings. In each course, students discover their strengths and have the opportunity to add valuable contributions to their projects, assignments, and discussions. Through investigation and exploration in several disciplines, students can learn how to communicate better with their peers as they work through new ideas, opinions, and learning styles. This proves to be essential for college when students are expected to be able to work with others seamlessly through collaborative courses.

Students have a great advantage of building independence and advancing their life skills through middle school courses.

Learning to Take the Lead with Campus Participation

Outside of their courses, students have plenty of chances to boost their life skills through campus participation in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Student clubs at R-MA are formed and led by students, making it a resource where they can learn to lead others. Learning alongside others, considering the opinions and contributions of peers, and making decisions to enhance group experiences are great ways for students to grow personally and professionally. While having fun and connecting with like-minded peers, students can practice these skills subconsciously as they navigate their club involvement. As far as sports go, students learn extensively about themselves whether they participate in an individual or team sport. Sports at R-MA continue to reflect the Honor Code values of our school, built on the characteristics of trust, integrity, and respect. With consistent values upheld across campus, students have every opportunity to grow their life skills. 

Sports teams at our private middle school include soccer, volleyball, tennis, cross country, and more.

A Focus on Character Development at Our Private Middle School

Character development is a key theme at our private middle school that is upheld no matter what activity students are engaged in. Although AFJROTC is not taught until Upper School, our Middle School students are brought up with the exact expectations. A commitment to accountability and an introduction to the concept of structure help prepare students to thrive as they move on to enter their Upper School years. Through gaining a foundation and heightened awareness in specific life skills such as time management, ambition, and general preparedness for college, students completing Middle School are ready to take on their goals. 

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