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How Students at R-MA Private School Benefit from J-Term Courses

At Randolph-Macon Academy, academic enrichment and experiential learning are at the forefront of our teaching philosophy. That’s why R-MA offers students the chance to take their education one step further with our January Term (J-Term). 

The J-Term is a 3-week term between the Fall and Spring semesters. Courses offered during this period give students a chance to earn credit towards their high school graduation, whilst exploring innovative topics that extend beyond the traditional academic curriculum. By getting a head start on the academic year, students can ensure they hit the ground running in the Spring semester. 

For students looking to delve further into their passions and career interests, here’s a look at what the J-Term at R-MA has to offer!

Explore Innovative Subjects

J-Term courses encourage students to explore cutting-edge topics beyond the traditional course structure. Students will have the opportunity to explore topics such as drone and robotics technology, food cultivation and preparation, photography and music, and entrepreneurship. The intent of these topics is for students to expand their horizons and develop the life skills to ensure success in their endeavors. 

At our private school, we encourage students to carve their own academic path – to identify their passions and have the drive to pursue them. Many students may find their college decisions influenced by the J-Term classes they enjoy. Exposing our students to the numerous avenues open to them is the first step towards success. 

Explore subjects beyond the traditional academic curriculum at our private school

Develop Career Skills at Our Private School

The J-Term at R-MA is designed for students to develop life skills to apply to their professional careers. The courses at our boarding high school include healthy habits of mind and body, financial literacy, etiquette, engineering basics, and DIY and tools. Each course is designed as an immersive and hands-on experience for our students, guiding them on the proper practices for achieving professional success. At R-MA, we not only cultivate academic vigor—we also aim to nurture a well-rounded and goal-oriented individual. With a focus on experiential learning, students in the J-Term take advantage of capstone research projects and internship experiences. These give students a solid foundation in their desired field and an immersive insight into professional work. With practical experience, students can adapt their career interests to suit their personal skill set. 

Develop the life skills to engage with new career passions

Prepare For a College Experience

The J-Term course at R-MA is conducted with seminar-style teaching to prepare students for higher education. Led by our faculty teaching individually or in teams, students can expand their horizons through exposure to innovative subjects. They will participate in practical projects that involve a higher level of critical thinking. 

At college-level education, students are expected to take charge of their academic careers. By identifying potential areas of study during high school, students can get a head start in their field and gain a competitive edge in the college admissions process. Not to mention, the J-Term allows students to earn additional credits towards their high school graduation requirement. With the opportunity to study abroad during the January term, students gain an early experience of life away from home and develop the independence for a successful transition into college life. 

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