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How Students at Our Prep School Engage in Learning Outside the Classroom

At R-MA, learning experiences are embedded into various aspects of student life. Our innovative academic program—featuring Advanced Placement courses, Dual Enrollment courses, and Pre-Professional Pathways—makes up only one aspect of our students’ overall learning experiences. 

Here, students can participate in a wide range of activities to make the most of their education, allowing them to develop a unique skill set that prepares them for success down the line. On our campus, your child can become part of a vibrant student community and learn from our supportive staff and faculty. The relationships they build and the experiences they go through extend beyond the classroom, giving them a comprehensive education that fosters personal and academic growth. 

Read on to discover how your child can make full use of these unique opportunities!

Pursuing Passions Through R-MA’s Wide Range of Student Clubs 

R-MA clubs are valuable spaces that allow students to delve deeper into their passions and interests, developing meaningful connections with like-minded peers. These clubs are student-led initiatives that serve to create a sense of community around common interests and goals, giving students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in certain fields.

For instance, avid language learners can participate in a variety of language-oriented clubs—such as the French Honor Society, the German National Honor Society, and the Spanish National Honor Society. Here, students are recognized for their outstanding academic achievements, are able to share their passions, and broaden their understanding of different languages and cultures. 

Similarly, students passionate about philosophy, social studies, science, or music can explore clubs in each of these fields. This enables R-MA students to become more engaged in their community, taking on a proactive role as they seek out fun learning experiences that further enrich their learning journey. 

boarding school
Student clubs at our prep school help foster growth and community engagement

Gaining Key Insights From Our Boarding School’s Residential Life Curriculum

As a boarding school, R-MA provides students with a unique residential life curriculum that serves to expand the academic environment and create meaningful learning experiences outside of the classroom. This includes the Big Brother, Big Sister, and Cadre Leadership programs—which help students develop into responsible and capable young adults prepared to overcome future challenges.

Through our Residential Life Curriculum, your child can learn to improve their communication and positive choice-making skills, cultivating a stronger sense of identity as they grow into becoming more well-rounded individuals. The insights gained through these learning experiences are designed to foster personal growth, confidence, leadership, and self-governance. 

Experiencing Personal Growth Through R-MA’s Mentoring Program 

By attending our college preparatory school, students can benefit from mentorship opportunities that better prepare them for success after graduation. Here, students are able to build one-on-one relationships that expose them to invaluable advice and guidance. 

prep school
Mentoring groups allow R-MA students to gain personal support from caring teachers and staff

These interactions allow your child to learn from the first-hand experiences of caring teachers and staff as they discuss their personal and academic goals— covering everything from character growth and social skills to college and career planning. Learning about life and planning for success through this mentorship program can give your child the direction they need to shape their future. This makes it an essential component of our students’ overall learning experiences, enabling them to benefit from our available resources and our giving community. 

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