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How Scholarships and Financial Aid Improve Access to Our Prep School

Randolph-Macon Academy provides a university-prep curriculum to give our students an enriching academic experience before they embark on their college journey. With a rich heritage as a leading prep school, R-MA is focused on developing the leaders of tomorrow and helping young students to reach their full potential. We know that an R-MA education is a significant investment in a student’s future, and we are committed to making an education at our academy accessible to any family.

100% of R-MA graduates are accepted into university, and we want every dedicated student to have their chance to experience a community filled with positive role models, state-of-the-art technology, and a diverse student body. Discover the range of financial aid options available at R-MA and how they improve access to our academy and beyond.

Guidance From Admissions Counselors Eases the Financial Aid Process

At R-MA, we are committed to assisting families through the financial aid application process. Admissions counselors at R-MA are equipped to advocate for scholarships on the student’s behalf, making sure their application is accurately completed. 

Specifically, we work with families in submitting an additional Financial Aid SSS Application. If the student is then accepted into our coed private school, R-MA is pleased to allocate the Award amount as part of the student’s acceptance package. With the assistance of our admissions counselors, we ensure a timely and transparent process that delivers the best possible financial support for every family at R-MA.

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Our staff are dedicating to assisting families throughout the financial aid process

Domestic and International Scholarships Available

We value the individual needs of both domestic and international students at our academy. In 2020, R-MA had a graduating class of around 45 students, who received a total of $8.4 billion in scholarships. With international students comprising 30% of our student population, families from many different countries and backgrounds received these funds.

Relieving the financial stress of a high-quality education allows students and families to focus on what is most important. When financial aid and scholarships are available, students gain access to advanced programs, while they focus on building lasting relationships, developing their life skills, and excelling in their educational courses. 75% of our students choose the on-campus boarding option, creating a close-knit community that gives each student the support and guidance they need for success.

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Financial aid options at our prep school improve access to our curriculum for families around the world

Payment Plans Allow for Flexibility When Funding Prep School

Families may also take advantage of our two payment plan options available. Payment plans ease the financial situations of many families, as they have the option to make payments in installments rather than one lump sum. Payment plans are just one more example of our dedication to our students’ needs, improving access to our prep school for more families, no matter their financial situation.

The first payment plan option that we offer at R-MA is a Two-Payment Plan. This option requires 60% of the tuition to be paid by August 1st, while the remaining 40% can be paid on December 1st. The second option available is our Monthly Payment Plan, which divides the tuition into 10 smaller, more manageable payments that are due monthly from June 1st to March 1st. With our support, students at R-MA can receive the education they deserve to reach their future goals.

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