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How R-MA Supports the Health and Wellbeing of Students at Our Boarding School

While attending boarding school, the distance between students and their families can spark concern when it comes to their health, safety, and wellbeing. At Randolph-Macon Academy, we understand how precious each students’ physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing is, and take every opportunity to support each child as a whole.

Designing on-campus programs that help us address health issues, maintain safety standards, and provide a supportive environment is a top priority for R-MA. Every student, as well as every parent on their behalf, should feel comfortable earning an education at R-MA. Continue reading to learn how we support every aspect of our students’ health and wellbeing. 

Designated Health Services on Campus and Beyond

To directly provide health services to students on campus, our private academy staffs nurses at the Whitworth Medical Clinic in the lower level of Stan Fulton Hall. Here, there are male and female sick bays where students can stay if they are not feeling well and need to be watched by our nurses. During the day, a doctor is also available to examine students if necessary. The care of each student is just as important to R-MA as it is to each family and parent.

Outside of clinic hours, trained dorm staff attend to any first-aid and medical needs that arise. These staff work closely with the nurses and Student Services to prioritize the utmost wellness and safety of each student. If more specialized care is needed, Warren Memorial Hospital is just under one mile from our campus. Students who seek care at the hospital will always be transported by an R-MA employee, who will keep them company until a parent or guardian arrives.

Spiritual Life Supports Wellness at Our Boarding School

Our boarding school was founded by the United Methodist Church, but is ecumenical in matters of religious belief, and welcomes students of all religions. The faculty and staff believe that young people must have an ethical, moral, and spiritual foundation upon which to build their lives. To that end, we strive to instill within students a respect for religious heritage and for all matters spiritual. 

private boarding school
Spiritual life at R-MA supports the overall wellbeing of students as they form deeper connections with themselves and each other

Through attending chapel services, students are able to share their joys and concerns to be supported and prayed for in a safe environment, regardless of their religious affiliation. Prioritizing close connections with R-MA students and staff in this way allows for greater overall wellbeing at our school. 

Counseling and Mentorship Provide Additional Support

Often, academics can be overwhelming when students feel the pressure of maintaining their grades, staying committed to their extracurriculars, and eventually applying to colleges. This could take a toll on student wellbeing, but our dedicated and caring guidance counselors and staff mentors work to ensure that students’ wellbeing comes first.

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Student mentors at our boarding school help relay communications between students and their families

Students at R-MA are assigned to a faculty or staff mentor, who provides the student with guidance and support throughout the school year. Each week, mentors meet with students for a 45-minute mentoring session during lunch. The mentor functions as the contact person for the family, addressing questions or concerns that arise while the student is at the Academy. They also serve as the advocate for students on campus, and work to coordinate action plans with each student for their academic and social achievement. At every step of the way, students’ health and wellness are prioritized.

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