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How R-MA Students Proudly Represent Our Private Academy

For over 13 decades, Randolph-Macon Academy has stood as an example of excellence in education, committed to shaping good character through positive leadership, professional conduct, and service. We work to ensure each student is self-reliant, respected, and recognized as a unique individual, ready to use their talents to better the world. Our students today are no exception. 

R-MA students continue to raise the bar for success and find new ways to embody the values of our community. From upholding a 100% university acceptance rate to pursuing new passions outside the classroom, our students bring pride and prestige to our private school. Here are just a few of the ways that R-MA students represent the goals and values of our academy.

Going for Gold in Sports Competitions 

While striving for academic excellence is a top priority of R-MA students, many of them also dedicate their time and effort to representing our private academy on the field. Athletics is a big point of pride at R-MA, and each of our sports teams has several levels, so students of all abilities have the opportunity to make their mark. 

From Basketball to Soccer to Volleyball to Cross Country, our students regularly participate in local and State competitions. Just this year, the Boys and Girls Swim Teams qualified for the 2022-22 GPAC Championships, with many Gold and Silver medals won across the individual events. 

However, it’s not just the medal that counts. R-MA students participate in sports competitions with pride and honor. They dedicate the time to practice, overcome challenges along the way and rise to the occasion. They win and lose as the emblem of good character and sportsmanship.

Sports teams give every student the chance to represent our private academy on the field.

Cadet Units Uphold the Traditions of Our Private Academy

Leadership and Character Development are important lessons at R-MA; students have the opportunity to live out these lessons by joining the Cadre group of each graduating class. Through different cadet units, students learn about basic drill instruction, uniform and personal appearance, team building, discipline and respect, and leadership, with the chance to represent R-MA at key events.

For example, the Performance Team is comprised of several individual units that include the color guard, the drill team, the honor guard, and the sabre team. Each provides an invaluable service to both R-MA and local organizations, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), while participating in parades in the local area. Through this experience, our students take pride in their school community and enjoy the responsibility of representing our school’s values.

Special cadet units represent R-MA at key events in the local area.

Serving the Community Beyond R-MA

Our coed private school teaches students the value of serving others and applying their skills to improving the communities around them–we believe this is the mark of a true leader. Enacting this belief, our students represent R-MA in different projects and complete over 8,000 hours of community service each year. For example, on Patriot Day last year, our students completed 19 different service projects, from landscaping to volunteering at the local marquee. Other activities include supporting children with special needs and connecting with retired veterans in a local nursing home. In each case, students learn the impact that their education can have on the real world and strive to find new ways to apply it in their futures. In the process, they continue to bring the values of R-MA to life and uphold the reputation of our school in the local community and beyond. 

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