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How R-MA Programs Benefit from Alumni Giving

R-MA is as committed as it always has been to providing its incoming generations of students with ways to explore new interests, and challenge themselves through academics and student life programs. As previous students have consistently attested, these experiences become valuable memories that shape their futures—providing them with unique opportunities to discover their true potential.

Alumni giving is an important source of support for strengthening our efforts. It allows R-MA to continue in its long standing tradition of prioritizing innovative programs like Pre-Professional Pathways, new technology, Air Force Junior ROTC training, and leadership training. 

Here’s how your continued support can make a difference in the development of our newest generations of cadets. 

R-MA Can Continue to Focus on Academic Excellence 

Academic excellence continues to be central at R-MA, helping today’s generations of students build impressive college applications that have led to a 100% acceptance rate for many years. Through our Pre-Professional Pathways, R-MA students have the chance to pursue their interests and gain real-life experiences that align with their career goals—benefiting from mentorships with faculty leaders of the program as well as from working on a capstone project of their choice. 

Students rely on these programs to gain early insight into their future careers, and to achieve a great head-start on their college preparations. By putting in the effort to excel in our school’s programs, 50 students from this year’s graduating class received a total of $12.3 million in competitively-awarded, merit-based college scholarships. When alumni choose to donate to R-MA, it lets us continue to provide our hard-working students with the quality level of academics that allow them to forge their own successes.

Donating to R-MA can help students to explore their interests in new and emerging fields

Our Academy Can Maintain the Latest Technology 

Inside the Hadeed Innovation Lab, students can interact with cutting-edge technology, including high-end computers, state-of-the-art flight simulators, and versatile drone equipment. This opportunity allows them to develop valuable skills that give them a competitive edge. 

Fundraising for R-MA enables our school to maintain the latest technology, promoting critical and creative thinking through collaborative and innovative approaches. Students can apply their new programming skills to build robots and code web pages, or even discover the untapped potential of unmanned aircraft systems. 

By giving back to R-MA, donors can help our school develop today’s students for the future

We Can Maintain Unique Programs with Alumni Giving Support 

R-MA endures as the only private school in the United States with a 100% Air Force Junior ROTC program, committed as ever to the Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. 

Our Cadre Leadership Training continues to engage the interest of our cadets, rewarding their hard work with top leadership positions in the Corps. The Drill Team also continues to reward the school’s most diligent students, who have the opportunity to become part of the Elite Units, serving in the Honor Guard, the Flag Corps, or the Sabre Team. With alumni support, we can continue providing our students with these unique types of programs helping them develop them into successful cadets and stronger leaders. 

Would you like to support R-MA’s student development through alumni giving?

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