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How R-MA Prepares Students at Our Coed Private School to Succeed at University

At R-MA, we pride ourselves on our ability to prepare our students for life in college. In fact, all students in our graduating classes are accepted into university. The educational experience we provide students with at our academy is rigorous—actively challenging our students to be better, more responsible citizens while nurturing their creativity and problem-solving skills. This has resulted in our students being accepted into some of the most prestigious universities in North America and abroad, including MIT, Harvard, Cornell, McGill University in Canada, and the University of Sydney in Australia. Students also average more than $6 million annually in scholarships.

Although getting into university is half the battle, the real measuring stick is how they progress once they get there. Here’s how Randolph-Macon Academy helps get students ready to thrive in the next phase of their education.

Our School’s Learning Environment Is One That Pushes Students to Reach Their Potential

R-MA’s approach to education is grounded in hard work, dedication, building confidence, and maximizing the academic successes of students. These are just some of the components of our approach that help students become fully prepared for life in university. Learning in small-sized classes alongside students from many different countries, R-MA students are pushed to succeed while also learning important life skills, such as self-discipline and leadership. Our commitment to building these skills in students helps them seamlessly transition into their college years and become more independent citizens. Students can also use our Study Hall at nighttime for an hour and a half of exclusive study and schoolwork. This can help them develop into more productive, conscientious students before they begin post-secondary life.

In-class discussions can help students improve their analytical and critical thinking skills

Students Can Take Certain Classes to Help Them Be More Prepared for University Life

R-MA’s classroom environment aims to help students build a foundation for success in their college years. For example, we encourage students to develop skills in analytical and critical thinking. This is done in part via classroom discussions, the demanding nature of their workload, and the interactive learning approaches we offer at our school.

Our Innovation Wing is also a great resource to prepare for university life, as the wing’s simulation labs help students learn specific subjects through a hands-on approach. Advanced Placement classes are also available to students at our coed private school. Subjects like Calculus, US Government and Politics, Environmental Science, Psychology, and Chemistry can be completed for students to receive advanced placement and college credit from nearly 3,000 post-secondary institutions.

Students can take Advanced Placement classes to help them get university credit

College Counseling at Our Boarding High School Is a Fantastic Resource for Students

To further prepare students at our college prep boarding school for the next chapter in their academic lives, R-MA offers extensive college counseling. Here, our students each receive personalized one-on-one guidance for planning their journey in university, starting as early as the ninth grade. Students will also receive a College Readiness Plan, a counseling guidebook, and be able to complete standardized exams on-campus. R-MA also has relationships with the admission representatives of many top universities, which makes us fully able to help students understand how to craft a stellar application and provide relevant and up-to-date advice. By taking advantage of these specialized R-MA services, students learn exactly what it takes to get accepted into college—and what to expect once they get there so they can thrive in the next chapter of their education.

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