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How R-MA Fosters Creativity in Students at Our Private Middle School

The Middle School at Randolph-Macon Academy consists of over 60 students in grades 6-8. These students are immersed in an engaging co-ed environment, dedicated to seeing the positive development of their personal, academic, and future aspirations. The academic curriculum fosters a collaborative effort between the student body using innovative technology and the arts to encourage students to form deeper connections with their coursework as well as the world around them.

R-MA is dedicated to educating the next generation to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Our rich heritage and longstanding reputation of one of the top private schools in Virginia caters to the academic and personal success of our students. Graduates of R-MA continue a 100% college acceptance rate year after year, furthering their education and their dreams. Read on to discover the benefits of our middle school that help our students improve their creativity.

Mentor Program Guides Students as They Navigate Their Interests

Students at R-MA, beginning in our Middle School, are given the opportunity to learn and grow in our Mentoring Program. In this program, students are able to form deeper connections with their instructors as they have a chance to speak with them one-on-one. Students explore their own interests and are encouraged to pursue their passions while obtaining a high-level education. With the Mentoring Program, students and their teachers are always on the same page, and communication with parents is clear and accurate.

At R-MA, class sizes stay small to further encourage students to experience active learning in a small group setting. This way, teachers have the opportunity to give each student adequate attention and support throughout the year. Feeling supported both in the classroom with smaller class sizes, as well as outside the classroom with our Mentoring Program, allows students to lean into their support system and feel confident in their capabilities. When students feel safe and supported, their creativity thrives. They are given the freedom to approach their course material in new ways while learning to problem solve, create solutions, and collaborate with others. 

private boarding school
The Mentoring Program at R-MA helps students determine their interests so they can further explore their passions

Clubs Give Students Independence at Our Private Boarding School

Our private boarding school offers a number of clubs and extracurricular activities for student participation to keep their academic journey exciting and engaging. Club options in our Middle School include AMCSUS Fitness, Flight Club, GeoBee Club, Interact Club, and more. If students are passionate about a particular field, they are more than welcome to join the club and explore their interests among their peers. Spending time with like-minded individuals helps students learn important life skills, such as teamwork, as they come up with new ideas and concepts together.

If students are passionate about a topic that is not yet reflected in any of the club options, they are encouraged to reach out to faculty and staff members to explore the possibility of creating their own club. With support from the R-MA campus as a whole, students are motivated to explore their creativity on a daily basis.

Hands-On Learning Allows Students to Explore Topics More Deeply

Getting creative at our private middle school is essential to expanding students’ understanding and interpretation of their courses as well as the world around them. When students begin to experience an active learning environment with hands-on lessons, they are able to more deeply engage with their curriculum. Gaining exposure to these topics in such an engaging and exciting nature leads to higher material retention rates.

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Hands-on learning at our private middle school gives students the chance to explore topics more deeply while exercising creativity

Students receive a high-level education thanks to these hands-on teaching methods. With technology as an essential component of many of our courses, R-MA provides access to a Hydroponics Lab and an Innovation Lab for STEM, including state-of-the-art robotics hardware and software programming. No student will be held back due to a lack of access to technology and integrative course design. R-MA ensures all students are able to fully explore their passions while exercising curiosity and creativity in and out of the classroom. 

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