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How Our Private Boarding School Prepares Students for Independent College Living

At Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA), a private boarding school, our commitment to our student’s success extends beyond our institution’s classroom walls and borders. As we often reiterate, the ultimate goal of all our programs, including our College Readiness Success program, is to ensure that our students make their way to higher education institutions after their stay on our campus. 

We understand that transitioning from high school to college is a decisive stage in a student’s life, marked by new responsibilities and the excitement of independence. Our Residential Life Program is designed to prepare students academically for college and to equip them with essential life skills that foster independence, resilience, and leadership. Here’s how our private boarding school sets the stage for a successful transition to independent college living:

A Culture of Excellence in a Nurturing Environment

R-MA boasts a long-standing culture of student excellence and college readiness success, and dorm life plays a crucial role in this tradition. Our dormitories are more than just places to sleep; they are vibrant, inclusive communities where students find the support and resources needed to excel. Each dorm provides a safe, serene environment that enhances the learning experience, helping students to thrive academically and socially.

Within these living spaces, students encounter daily routines that promote discipline and time management—key skills for college success. Our supervised study sessions ensure that students develop strong academic habits early on, setting a foundation of support for their future educational endeavors.

A group of smiling students at our private boarding school
Dorm life at our private boarding school provides the support and resources needed to excel.

Personal Growth Through Structured Support at Our Private Boarding School

Recognizing the importance of personal development, each dorm floor at Randolph-Macon Academy is assigned a Cadet Life Supervisor or dorm parent. These dedicated professionals, experienced Cadet Life Supervisors (CLSs), are overseers and mentors who engage personally with students, helping them navigate the complexities of teenage years and the specific challenges of boarding school life.

Our Cadet Life Supervisors are crucial in our Big Brother, Big Sister, and Cadre Leadership programs. Through these initiatives, coupled with our residential life curriculum, R-MA’s Residential Life Program aids cadets in becoming responsible members of both the R-MA community and the local communities. The personalized attention our students receive empowers them to succeed academically and grow into well-rounded individuals, preparing them for future challenges, including college.

Moreover, our dorm parents enforce rules and manage day-to-day activities. Their role, however, extends beyond mere administration—they are pivotal in addressing and helping students deal with personal issues, contributing significantly to their overall well-being.

As an R-MA Falcon Scholar ’24  and future US Air Force Academy cadet, Caleb Sparks noted the transformative impact of his time at R-MA, stating, “You will be used to the early mornings, you will have learned to be independent of your family, you will have amazing mentoring.” His experience highlights the profound personal growth that our programs foster.

Building Social Skills Through Engaging Activities

At our private boarding school, weekends are exciting and adventurous. We treat our students to fun weekend excursions that balance fun and educational experiences. These outings are not just recreational but integral to our curriculum, designed to foster social skills and build lasting friendships. Activities range from cultural visits to team-building exercises, enabling students to develop interpersonal skills and gain exposure to new ideas and environments.

A group of high school students playing social games at our private boarding school
Students at our private boarding school hone vital social skills through engaging in activities.

The Residential Life Curriculum: Preparing for the Future

The cornerstone of our preparation for independent college living is our Residential Life curriculum. Taught by expert Cadet Life Supervisors—including alumni, ordained ministers, former social workers, and athletic trainers—this program focuses on practical life skills such as civil communication, positive choice-making, and leadership. 

Through regular meetings and interactive sessions, students engage in discussions that challenge them to think critically about their choices and behaviors. They learn to express themselves clearly and respectfully, skills that are indispensable in a college setting. Students build a strong sense of responsibility and independence by actively partaking in these discussions and associated events.

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