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How Our Private Boarding School Can Help Enhance Your Resume

An education at Randolph-Macon Academy doesn’t just help students reap benefits academically—they learn plenty they can use after their school days, too. In fact, what you learn while at R-MA can be used to help get you closer to the kind of career you want in adulthood. Even if you don’t have a wealth of tangible work experience outside of your life at our boarding school, the skills you pick up while studying at R-MA can help you stand out among crowds of other candidates, and demonstrate that you have skills that lend themselves well to the career you want after university.

When in-person classes resume for the Spring semester, here’s how you can use your time at R-MA to wow your future employers!

Air Force JROTC: Teaching Better Citizenship

Although R-MA is far more than your average military school, part of what makes studying at R-MA so special is that you get to participate in the Air Force JROTC program. Students are educated about aerospace, flight and navigation principles, flight heritage, air power development, and space technology, among other concepts. They learn about this while also being taught how to become better citizens, be more self-disciplined and responsible, and understand the importance of community service. If you’re hoping to enter the world of flight and aviation after attending our private boarding school, or even if you simply want to emphasize to employers your ability to lead and serve your community, having the Air Force JROTC program on your CV could help it stand out.

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Extracurricular Programs: Learning Valuable Life Skills Outside the Classroom

At R-MA, experiences that students can use to help boost their professional profiles aren’t simply ones learned in the classroom. Our academy offers students a variety of extracurricular programs and activities for students to take part in throughout the school year. Although certain activities are not easy to do right now as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, R-MA students usually have the opportunity to participate in varsity sports and join many different clubs (eg. Chess Club, Philosophy Club, Journalism, Debate, Art, Photography). These can look good to employers in that these activities demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual. They show that you have a capacity for strong leadership, teamwork, and other skills that are applicable to success in the workplace.

Varsity sports are an example of extracurricular programs students at R-MA can engage in

Community Service: How Our Private Boarding School Helps Build Character

Students at our coed private school also engage in community service initiatives both on and off-campus. In fact, an average of about 12,000 community service hours per year are logged by R-MA students. Over the years, R-MA students have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Girl and Boy Scouts, and the American Cancer Society. They’ve also participated in on-campus volunteering activities such as National Honor Societies, peer tutoring, recycling committees, and Big Brothers & Sisters. Volunteer experience of any kind is beneficial to include on your CV, and participating in community service via our academy helps you learn to develop a greater sense of character, compassion, teamwork, and leadership—all of which are qualities employers can appreciate.

Volunteer work can look good on your CV

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