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How Our Private Academy Supports Student-Centered Learning

The power of preparation is what helps students achieve their highest potential as they head into their futures post-graduation from Randolph-Macon Academy. From their first days on campus at our private academy, students start to build a path toward a life that is full of their passions and interests. They forge their way toward the future of their dreams with the help of our supportive and attentive faculty and staff, who come to feel like family on campus.

Student-centered learning at R-MA focuses on individual attention that meets students where they are. No student is the same, which is why our emphasis on small class sizes allows us to meet the needs of each student with ample time and attention. Together, students and their classmates amplify their strengths, improve upon their weaknesses, and begin to step into their roles as true leaders. Continue reading to discover how we carry out our student-centered learning each day on campus.

A Plan for the Future Based on Each Student’s Dreams

Students are afforded personalized attention while in the classroom, helping ensure they stay on top of their assignments, understand the material, and are challenged to improve their academic skills. Aside from in-class productivity, all R-MA students are aided in creating a College Readiness Plan. This plan, carefully curated with the help of our Academic Counselors, addresses the unique needs of each student. Together, they figure out the best academic, social, and financial fit for their college experience. This way, every step of their academics is catered to ultimately applying and being accepted into their dream university. 

Based on students’ passions and what they are hoping to pursue in college, they can choose to participate in a number of unique and advanced programs available at our prep school. We offer Pre-Professional Pathways, which help students explore their career interests and boost their college resumes. Our AP course offerings give students the chance to transfer university credits to their future schools. And finally, specialized programs, such as our Aviation and Aerospace programs, allow students to customize their time at R-MA while achieving academic excellence.

prep school
Student-centered learning at our private academy helps students find their dream schools

Committed to a Family-Like Environment to Support Student Needs

Student-centered learning is fostered by building up important relationships that help students succeed. When each student feels adequately supported and cared for, they are able to focus better on their performance. Small class sizes at our private academy help students come to know their faculty and classmates well, giving them the confidence to rise to and even exceed their potential. In the dorms, students are overseen by caring and responsible adults who aid in their studies outside of the classroom. They offer a safe and supportive relationship for students to lean into to help deter homesickness and embrace a structured yet fun environment. With each student able to form meaningful relationships and receive personalized support, our student-centered learning extends beyond the classroom.

college preparatory school
Student-centered learning is extended through mentorship outside of the classroom

Expanding Extracurricular Involvement at Our Private Academy

Students continue their learning through extracurricular involvement. They are able to apply what they learn in class to engaging and productive conversations outside of the classroom. Through various clubs, honor societies, and other extracurricular activities, students learn how their education seeps into their everyday lives. From the Drill Team to the Philosophy Club to the Yearbook Club, students can spend their free time as a continuation of their academics. Commitment to these clubs shows a level of character that makes R-MA proud and helps students continue to improve their personal and interpersonal skills.

By getting to choose the academic and extracurricular options that suit their passions, students are able to customize their education. When students are engaged and feel the power they have over their futures, they are motivated to perform their best. 

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