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How Our Private Academy Instills a Love of Learning in Students

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we understand that academic success depends on fostering the right attitude to learning. Students at R-MA are defined by their curiosity, critical thinking, and enthusiasm for knowledge. From Middle School, the academic program at R-MA fosters an environment of collaboration through innovation, technology, and the arts. In the process, students unveil new passions and find the drive to understand more about the world around them. 

In the Upper School, students have the chance to dive deeper into select topics and satisfy their own curiosity as they build a foundation for a successful future. Through this approach, graduates of R-MA enter the world as leaders in their fields with a lifelong love of learning. 

Learn more about the academic culture at R-MA below.

Explore New Depths With an Innovative Curriculum

The pursuit of knowledge and the process of discovery are celebrated at R-MA. Students are encouraged to explore their personal and academic interests through innovative courses in Robotics, Aviation, Software & Engineering, Global Entrepreneurship, Visual & Performing Arts, and more. When they discover a passion for the material, the learning process becomes second nature. 

Our January Term is a chance for students to enrich their learning in a 3-week term between the Fall and Spring semesters. Here, students will engage in seminar-style, experiential learning opportunities where they will expand their knowledge and develop necessary life skills. Courses include drone technology, persuasive speech and writing, photography, and hydroponics. 

Similarly, our Pre-Professional Pathways are a way for Upper School students to dive into a subject they are passionate about and explore a potential career interest. When students are given the space to expand their minds, they are set on the path to more fulfilling academic and professional careers.

Innovative courses at our prep school engage student interests on a deeper level

Students Take the Lead in their Learning at Our Prep School

At our private academy, we understand that a love of learning comes from within. Students are taught to take responsibility for their academic careers and find the motivation to carry their goals to success. The Power of Rise is a philosophy at R-MA that teaches students to take risks, to succeed, and to fail – to understand that these are integral parts of learning. As a result, students come to take pride in their accomplishments and understand the value of learning from one’s mistakes. Not only does this mindset improve their academic performance, but it also fosters resilience in the learning process. 

At the heart of the educational experience at R-MA is student-centered learning. This encourages individuals to bring their prior knowledge to the table, collaborate with others, and explore new interests to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of the world. With an average class size of 12, R-MA teachers are able to provide attentive instruction to each student, guiding them to ask questions and exercise their critical thinking skills as they make decisions for their future. 

Students take pride in the learning process

Opportunities for Enrichment Outside the Classroom

Learning at our prep school isn’t confined to the walls of the classroom. Students have many opportunities to explore new fields and engage their skills across our campus. Clubs at R-MA are a way for students to develop interests that provide a lifelong vehicle for intellectual and personal enjoyment. 

Music, Art, Theatre, and Athletics all teach students valuable lessons in the importance of practice and commitment to one’s goals. Clubs like the Student Council Association, the Speech and Debate team, and the Interact Club are other ways for students to celebrate their achievements, pursue meaningful goals, and lead positive change. By fostering the right attitude to learning and seeing the rewards it brings, students will step into the world with the tools to lead more enriching lives. 

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