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How Our Private Academy Helps Students Develop Test-Taking Skills

Strong academic skills are extremely valuable to students seeking to improve their professional and academic development. With these skills, students can accelerate their own growth and better position themselves for academic success. At Randolph-Macon Academy, rigorous academics and a personalized approach to teaching ensure that each student is able to build valuable academic skills, including the ability to take exams with confidence. 

As an upper school student at R-MA, you’ll join dynamic classroom environments that challenge you and encourage you to reach your full potential. Here, you can benefit from advanced, college-level classes as well as additional support and personalized attention. Read on to learn how these different aspects enrich your academic journey and help you develop strong test-taking skills.

Building Study and Test-Taking Skills with Academic Assistance

R-MA’s Learning Support Program allows students to receive valuable support that is designed to improve their academic performance. Through the guidance of caring teachers, students can begin developing positive study habits—from time management and prioritization to note-taking and study skills. These habits can help students make the most of their education, preparing them to perform well on their exams.  

As a boarding school focused on college preparation and academic excellence, R-MA provides a nurturing academic environment. In this setting, you can become a more proactive learner, involved in achieving your learning goals. With the support of your teachers and peers, you can discover the strategies and study habits that work for you, enabling you to confidently boost your study and test-taking skills.

preparatory school
Students can rely on our private academy’s supportive community to develop effective test-taking skills

Preparing for Exams with Advanced Placement Courses at Our Preparatory School

Students at R-MA have the ability to choose from over 15 Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses—covering subjects in math and science as well as English and history. These AP courses culminate in a final exam, allowing students to earn college credit once they pass.  

By taking advanced courses during your time at our preparatory school, you can better prepare for a college-level education as well as high-level exams even before you graduate. That’s because AP courses go beyond a high school curriculum, giving you the change to hone your college-level test-taking skills. This includes knowing what you need to study, how to effectively retain that information, listening attentively to exam instructions, and successfully managing your time. As you take AP courses and complete the exams, you can feel better prepared and more experienced.

private academy
Advanced placement courses challenge our students to reach their potential and develop key academic skills

Receiving Personalized Support that Makes an Impact 

Student-centered support is at the core of an R-MA education, providing students with valuable insights on the best ways to improve their academic performance. This includes helping students develop important academic and test-taking skills to ensure their academic success and accelerate their development. 

Our approach has been widely successful, contributing to a 100% college acceptance rate each year. In fact, the Class of 2022 has even graduated 59 students who received over $16.6 million in scholarships—and a total of 54 R-MA students have earned honors on the National Foreign Language Exams in 2019. Our students have also gone on to attend top universities around the world, such as Cornell University, Northwestern University, McGill University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to name a few. 

These metrics highlight the success of our students, who have developed strong academic and test-taking skills to rise ahead.  

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