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How Our Private Academy Fosters a Close-Knit Community

Receiving a strong education is only one of the many benefits of attending R-MA. Here, students are able to build their academic and professional skills through the help of a supportive community. R-MA teachers, staff, alumni, and current students come together to provide each member of the community with a nurturing environment for self-growth and discovery. 

In this family environment, our young cadets are able to thrive—encouraged to rise to their full potential. This close-knit community plays a key role in the overall R-MA student experience, giving current cadets the support and guidance they need to explore their interests and pursue their dreams. With this support system in place, young cadets can become active participants in their learning journey, creating meaningful relationships that complete their student experience. 

Gaining Valuable Support through Meaningful Mentor Relationships

A close-knit community, filled with dedicated teachers and staff, is something that all R-MA students can enjoy. The school’s Academic program is specifically designed to support our students’ growth and development through the guidance of an experienced and caring faculty. Through our Mentoring program, young cadets can receive consistent and valuable guidance throughout the school year.

The feedback that students receive in these mentoring sessions can include academic as well as social advice, giving students the chance to learn from real-life experience. As a result, mentors become more than just teachers in a classroom—they become valuable advisors and friends who help guide students towards their future dreams and aspirations. By studying at R-MA, young cadets can become part of this caring community that seeks to encourage and push its members towards the Rise within.

R-MA teachers are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals

Fostering a Vibrant Learning Environment for Personal Growth and Achievement

Collaboration is at the heart of our prep school’s academic program, allowing students to engage with the material and interact with each other in a vibrant learning environment. By working together, our young cadets can encourage each other towards academic success and personal growth. Here, they are able to lead assigned projects, discover their voice by posing thoughtful questions in class, as well as build the skills they need to become more resilient with their learning. 

Students also benefit from a nurturing community through the Residential Life Program. At our boarding school, they can turn to caring and responsible supervisors for guidance—including three R-MA alumni, two ordained ministers, a former social worker, and four athletic coaches. Through the Big Brother, Big Sister program, cadets receive additional support—enabling them to hone valuable life skills in a caring, family environment.

Academic assignments encourage teamwork and collaboration, strengthening community ties

Encouraging Lifelong Friendships and Community Ties at Our Private Middle School

Students at our private middle school have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of fun weekend activities both on and off campus. Not only does this provide them with a break from their ambitious academic pursuits, but it also allows students to develop meaningful relationships and memories with each other. These social interactions are designed to strengthen community ties, bringing everyone together through dances, on-campus games, and even field trips. 

Young cadets can also join various student clubs to explore their interests with like minded individuals. For example, those passionate about math can join Mathcounts while those interested in community service can get involved with R-MA’s Interact Club. Students wanting to improve their physical health can visit the AMCSUS Fitness club, and those seeking to make a difference within the school environment can become part of the Student Council Association. All of these options allow young cadets to be a vital part of R-MA’s growing close-knit community, where they can develop skills and friendships that last a lifetime. 

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