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How Our Preparatory Middle School Prepares Students for Success in High School and Beyond

Randolph-Macon Academy

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we’re committed to helping students fulfill their potential and develop a strong sense of character and self-sufficiency. Not only do we do this at the high school level, but in our Middle School, as well. Our Middle School helps students in grades 6 to 8 prepare for life in high school and in university by teaching them important skills and values both in and out of class. In addition, we also focus on teaching them subjects in ways that are collaborative, engaging, and hands-on.

Keep reading to learn how our Middle School can help set your child up for future success.

Our Private Middle School Helps Foster Excellent Student-Teacher Relationships

Class sizes at Randolph-Macon Academy are about eight to 12 students each. With this in mind, students are able to receive greater attention from teachers, and are given guidance in a more personalized way than other institutions as a result. By using dynamic teaching methods, teachers are able to not only foster a deeper relationship with their students, but also help them develop a greater interest in learning. Students also learn from other adult figures such as coaches and mentors, giving them a great source of support and a strong feeling of community at school. More specifically, all Middle School students have a tutorial session scheduled in their mentor’s classroom from Monday to Friday, giving them the opportunity for regular personalized feedback.

Middle School students get plenty of personalized attentionMiddle School students get plenty of personalized attention

Course Offerings Also Give Students a Taste for What to Expect in High School

Students at our private middle school learn in an environment that allows them to express themselves creatively, as well as learn in ways that aren’t restricted to simple classroom lecturing. Middle School students have classes ranging from 45 to 80 minutes in length, and have a variety of core and elective courses to choose from. Advanced students in our Middle School even get an opportunity to take some classes at R-MA’s Upper School. These advanced classes include foreign languages, geometry, and algebra. Eighth grade English students in our Middle School also write more in-depth essays and research papers, as well as participate in a speech contest, to prepare them for the Upper Class level.

Living in dorms on-campus can help teach students about character and leadership

Students in Our Middle School Also Learn Various Skills to Help Them in Life

One of our preparatory middle school’s primary points of focus is in trying to help our students become more self-disciplined, self-reliant, and confident while teaching them positive morals and the importance of critical thinking. Building a strong sense of character and leadership is a major pillar of life at R-MA, and students in our Middle School do this in numerous ways. These include abiding by the R-MA Honor Code, participating in community service, engaging in student life and/or dorm life, and regular sessions with mentors, to name a few examples. Middle School students at R-MA also learn how to improve their ability to communicate, as well as learn values such as humility and responsibility.

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