How Our Prep School Looks Out for Students’ Well-Being

The health and safety of everyone at Randolph-Macon Academy is our school’s top priority. Whether a student has fallen ill, suffered an injury, or must stick to a regular medication routine, R-MA is there to assist with medical needs. Nurses at our academy work with students’ parents to attend to their child’s specific medical concerns by coordinating appointments for these students. In addition, R-MA has a long-standing partnership with the Front Royal Family Pharmacy and the Front Royal Family Practice, ensuring the school always has access to the resources needed to give our students the best possible medical attention.

We explore a few more details on R-MA’s approach to student health and wellness below.

Invaluable Care from the Whitworth Medical Clinic

Located on Stan Fulton Hall’s lower level, the Whitworth Medical Clinic is typically where R-MA students will go if they feel ill. Both male and female students stay at separate sick bays, under the supervision of our highly qualified nurses. Dorm staff are on hand when students need medical attention after the clinic has closed for the day. Doctors are also available to be called upon when a student needs to be taken care of during the school day. If more involved care is needed, Warren Memorial Hospital is less than a mile away. In cases where a transfer to this hospital is needed, an R-MA staff member will stay by the student’s side until the moment they’re either met by a parent or guardian, or until they’re discharged.

If a student gets sick during the school day, doctors are available to be called upon

Medications: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Our Policy

At our prep school, students who need to take medications—whether prescription or over-the-counter—should be aware of certain policies R-MA have in place. All medications are dispensed on a monthly basis via bubble packing, where they are placed within 30 separate bubbles in a card so that the student makes sure they are taking their medication every day at the correct time. 

Refills are accounted for by the Front Royal Family Pharmacy, who will coordinate with the student’s own family physician. This helps to reassure both students and their parents that prescribed medications will consistently be available from the school so that medication regimens can be easily maintained. 

As to over-the-counter medications, school policy does not permit students to have these in their dorms without proper authorization from an R-MA nurse. These medications will be kept either by school staff or at the clinic during evenings and weekends.

Students are not allowed to keep medications in their dorms unless authorized

Our Prep School’s Partnership With Magnus Health System

Magnus Health System is a type of online software that stores health records about students, which are monitored and managed by school personnel. At our private school academy, we use this software for a variety of purposes, and give parents the opportunity to easily send us all relevant information concerning their child’s health. This includes granting R-MA permission to provide medical treatment to students, registering for physicals and immunizations, completing release forms, uploading the student’s health insurance information, and allowing our nurses to administer the PPD Skin Test and the yearly flu vaccine. 

Using Magnus, R-MA is easily able to access students’ health information as soon as it should become necessary. Parents can also log into the system to answer all questions regarding their child’s medical history and needs so that R-MA has the details needed to ensure the best medical care possible to all of our students..

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