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How Our College Prep School Fosters a Global Mindset in Students

In today’s world, education is about more than academic excellence – it is the process of developing responsible and conscientious leaders who are committed to bettering the global community. At Randolph-Macon Academy, students are given numerous opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. At the heart of the educational philosophy at R-MA is student-centered learning that caters to the modern landscape.

Student-centered education is about giving students the chance to explore their interests and collaborate with their peers to arrive at a personal understanding of the world around them. Students become invested in areas of global concern and develop the critical thinking skills to make informed decisions about the communities they live in. Read on to learn more about how R-MA fosters the next generation of globally-minded students!

Engage With an International Community

At R-MA, students not only learn from the expertise of our teaching staff, but also from the insights of their fellow students. Over the past few years, R-MA has welcomed over 800 students from over 20 countries around the world to study at our boarding high school. Our international community is an invaluable contribution to the school culture on campus. 

By working alongside students from a wide range of backgrounds, younger generations are taught to celebrate diversity and to respect the differences among people. Students at R-MA develop a global mindset by practicing trust, respect, and empathy in an inclusive community. In today’s world, the ability to communicate and relate to one another is an essential skill for addressing global concerns. With an insight into the context and challenges of other cultures, students at R-MA develop a global perspective to carry them through their personal and professional lives. 

Students at our private academy learn from the experiences of a global community

Develop Global Career Ambitions at Our College Prep School

Education today must prepare students to work collaboratively and internationally to meet the demands of the global economy. By building the relevant knowledge and skills, students will be prepared to take on the challenges of the world’s biggest industries. The Pre-Professional Pathways program at our college prep school is designed for students who are passionate about a particular subject area and want to expand their expertise into a potential career path. This innovative program combines experiential learning opportunities and a capstone research project to give students a unique insight into the demands of the professional world. 

For students who are committed to changing the world, the Global Entrepreneurship Pathway offers a chance to explore the challenges, problems, and needs of the world and find innovative ways to solve them. For students looking to immerse themselves in a 21st-century industry, the Software and Engineering Pathway develops critical thinkers equipped to become the creators of next-generation technologies. With the relevant skills and career guidance, graduates of R-MA are ready to take on the challenges of the global workforce. 

Pre-Professional Pathways support innovative career opportunities for students

Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Future generations will inevitably be faced with a globalized world and its challenges. With the right education, students will be prepared to step up to those challenges and influence positive change. The Power of Rise is a global mindset at R-MA through which students realize their potential to become the leaders of our future. The long-standing philosophy of our institution is that students have the curiosity and drive to take on academic and professional challenges. We work to ensure that every student is confident, self-aware, and respected as a unique individual in a welcoming environment. With that mindset, we build a community in which students seek to contribute to the betterment of others and the world around them.

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