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How the Character & Leadership Development Program Promotes School Spirit and Belonging

At R-MA, we take pride in providing a warm, welcoming learning environment for our students. Young minds need belonging and safety to develop the grit and resilience needed for success in school and life. Our students are united by celebrating school spirit, which produces a familial atmosphere and lifelong connections. 

Thanks to our many academic and extracurricular programs, students benefit from a community based on shared values, character building, and achievement. The Character & Leadership Development Program is a great example. Keep reading to learn how this unique program promotes school spirit and gives students a sense of belonging. 

Discover What School Spirit Looks Like to Us

At R-MA, students enjoy many avenues to play an active role in our close-knit community. We encourage everyone to participate in the following activities to foster school spirit: 

  • Student-led clubs: Clubs at R-MA allow students to explore their interests, develop new competencies aligning with their passions, and exercise fellowship and leadership skills. 
  • Team sports: By participating in team sports such as soccer, volleyball, swimming, basketball, football, and softball, students learn how to collaborate effectively and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Spiritual life: Spiritual life at R-MA instills students with belonging to something greater than themselves. Our interfaith approach to spirituality fosters mutual respect, inclusion, and community. 
  • Community service: As a military school focussed on producing service-oriented individuals, giving back is an integral part of life at R-MA. Our character & leadership development program focusses on positive character development and effective leadership in the community. 

Of course, our students are also encouraged to demonstrate their school spirit by sporting R-MA spirit wear.

A group of Character & Leadership Development Program students playing badminton and posing for a photo.
Cadet leadership and school spirit work hand in hand at R-MA.

The Importance of School Spirit and Belonging at R-MA

Why does school spirit matter? At R-MA, it’s about making students feel capable, confident, and included. A strong sense of belonging at school not only helps students develop a positive view of school and their place in the community but also supports high achievement. 

Students with a strong connection to school spirit are better positioned to perform well academically, forge stronger bonds with their peers, and be well-prepared for college. The Character & Leadership Development Program at our private boarding school in Virginia provides students with a solid grasp of fundamental holistic health, leadership, ethics, and success.

A unit of Character & Leadership Development Program students posing as a group in uniform.
Our Character & Leadership Development Program promotes belonging, which is essential to student success.

How Our Character & Leadership Development Program Fosters School Spirit and Belonging

Our Character & Leadership Development Program promotes school spirit and belonging by providing students with the soft skills they need to navigate various interpersonal situations and face any challenges that come their way. All four tracks of this program are designed to endow students with essential life skills and produce strong leaders. 

Group cohesion is a major priority within the CLDP, with lessons taking place among a tight-knit unit of students. Together, they will practice essential collaborative skills such as common objective setting, applied and adaptive leadership, ethical decision-making, and self-discipline. 

Discover how student life at R-MA also helps foster school spirit and belonging: 

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