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How Our Boarding School Builds Confidence in Students

Randolph-Macon Academy supports students in their capabilities as they become strong, independent leaders of their communities. Through rigorous academics, club leadership, class participation, sports integration, and much more, students gain a well-rounded and comprehensive education that properly prepares them for bright futures.

With an emphasis on building confidence, our campus is filled with encouragement and inclusiveness. While having support and guidance, students are able to make their experience their own, following their passions and interests. This helps students build confidence in who they are as individuals and allows them to play to their strengths as they navigate their studies and extracurricular involvement. Continue reading to discover more about how we prioritize the growth of student self-confidence at R-MA.

Independent Activities Help Students Discover Themselves

During such formative years, it is important that students in our Middle and Upper School programs have the time and energy to dedicate to their own sense of self as they start to envision who they want to be in the future. Boarding students at our coed private school have plenty of time and space to discover themselves both inside and outside of the classroom. Through independent projects, students can use their personal strengths and creativity to bring to life an academic piece that they are proud of. Through independent time outside of the classroom, whether spent exercising, reading for pleasure, or exploring a hobby, students have the freedom to explore their passions and spend time doing activities that fulfill them.

Independent activities at our boarding school help students discover their strengths to build confidence.

Off-Campus Trips Build Confidence in Our Boarding School Students

While the value of student life and academics on campus cannot be overstated, students also find that their confidence grows through off-campus activities. These are organized and supervised by R-MA faculty and staff and provide students with a fun and rewarding experience that often challenges them in exciting new ways. Whether they are trying their hand at rock climbing, discussing their experiences from a Washington D.C. museum, or making memories with their peers at a local sporting event, R-MA students begin to feel confident in their skin. Having the opportunity to express themselves outside of the classroom in an engaging way helps students gain a better sense of who they are.

Students build confidence as they gain new experiences with their peers on and off-campus.

Dedicated Study Times Help Students Organize Their Days

Dedicated study times for our boarding school students help them better plan their days, ensure they have enough time for their studies, and receive the support they need along the way. The residential life program on campus for our boarding students includes a daily study hour, where students can count on productivity during this devoted time to their studies. The support staff at R-MA are there to ensure students get the help they need while encouraging them to keep their assignments on track. This level of accountability and routine helps students gain confidence in their academic abilities as they achieve success.

Opportunities to Socialize Make for Improved Confidence

R-MA alumni often note that some of the best memories of their lives are from their time on campus, creating lifelong friendships with their peers. The camaraderie found on campus is unlike any other school across the country, showing the dedication and appreciation that R-MA students, faculty, and staff have for the community. With plenty of opportunities to socialize during meal times, recreation hours, sports practices, collaborative projects, and weekend activities and downtime, students get to form strong bonds with their peers. These relationships help students prove to themselves and others that they are able to be good friends while making strong memories that will last a lifetime. The confidence that ensues from productive socialization throughout students’ time at R-MA helps them go on to continue to make strong connections with their peers in college and beyond.

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