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How J-Term at R-MA Promotes College Readiness Success

Whether your child is in middle or high school, ensuring they are prepared for college success is likely one of your chief concerns. At R-MA, we prioritize college readiness through rigorous academic programs, character-building extracurricular activities, and dedicated college preparation. Keep reading to discover one of the programs that contribute significantly to our students’ social and intellectual development. Not only is J-Term a source of enjoyment and belonging for the R-MA community, but it also fosters college readiness.

What Is J-Term and How Does It Work? 

For middle and high school students, J-Term takes place three weeks after the winter break. The objective is to take instruction beyond the traditional curriculum and instill valuable career and life skills through experiential learning. Lessons take place on campus from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, local field trips enrich the learning experience by adding valuable context to course material and allowing students to connect with their studies. Students start exploring their options and registering at the course fair in the early fall. Let’s look at some of the fascinating subjects that J-Term offers.

A smiling private school student participating in an outdoor activity
J-term makes learning fun and hands-on, promoting college readiness success.

Explore J-Term Activities 

J-Term courses are designed to accommodate various interests and career goals. Areas of study include: 

  • Drones and robotics
  • Food cultivation and preparation 
  • Holistic Health 
  • Etiquette 
  • The arts – photography and music 
  • Basic engineering
  • DIY and tools 
  • Entrepreneurship and financial literacy 
  • Aviation – flight exploration 
  • Outdoor and survival skills

When students can explore subjects that interest them, they are more likely to be engaged in their learning. This active, self-directed educational model prepares R-MA students for college readiness success. How so?

A private school student speaking to a teacher in class
Students explore a range of fascinating subjects during J-Term for college readiness success.

How J-Term Promotes College Readiness Success

J-Term provides many avenues for students to explore different fields of study. This opens doors to various options that students may have never considered otherwise. Choosing a major is a big decision, and college is a consummate investment. Taking part in J-Term and considering many subjects can help students ensure they are making an informed decision regarding their future careers.

 In addition, J-Term at our private school introduces students to a more advanced learning style that demands a self-directed, innovative approach. This promotes academic success, which leads students to college readiness by providing the soft skills and habits that allow them to thrive in a post-secondary environment.

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