How International Students Adjust to Life at R-MA

Randolph-Macon Academy remains committed as ever to building a vibrant international student body. Every year, we welcome over 800 students from over 20 different countries around the world to an inclusive and collaborative campus. At R-MA, we understand that the transition to a new school and community can be a challenging time. Our campus is one that celebrates the ideas and cultures of others, while helping to familiarize international students with American culture. With the right support, international students at R-MA find new passions, build lasting friendships, and develop their path to academic success. 

Engaging the International Community at R-MA

Life at R-MA combines rigorous academics with a dynamic range of extracurricular activities. This gives students multiple avenues to develop their abilities and explore the values of our community. All international students will learn in a tight-knit cohort with small class sizes and a strong focus on building essential skills in communication and collaboration. 

Our range of extracurricular activities – including athletics and visual and performing arts – place an emphasis on the value of teamwork. The International Club at R-MA hosts culturally engaging events for the student body, and additional language clubs are there to promote the study of languages and their related cultures. 

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Delivering engaging extracurricular activities when you support R-MA

The Transition to Boarding Life

R-MA provides both Boarding and Day options to accommodate the different circumstances of our students. Many international students opt to attend our boarding school, where they develop their friendships and participate in exciting weekend excursions to explore the surrounding areas. Residential life at R-MA is overseen by Cadet Life Supervisors, who are found on each floor to provide a safe and structured environment for dormitory students.

At our boarding school, we have designed a Residential Life Program to prepare students for their college years and beyond. The boarding environment is supervised by our incredible staff, including three R-MA alumni, two ordained ministers, a former social worker, and four athletic coaches. A total of seven foreign languages are spoken between our dorm supervisors. This is set up to ensure international students feel supported and comfortable in an English-speaking environment. Not to mention, our Residential Life Curriculum engages all students in dialogues on civil communication and life choices.

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International students find an inclusive environment at our boarding school

Providing Resources for International Students When You Support R-MA

For international students, the transition to a new country can be challenging. At R-MA, we are committed to offering tailored support to ensure the success of our individual students. The Mentoring program is there to give students the opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with our caring faculty. For international students, mentors can serve as a valuable, local support network as well as a channel of communication between the school and home. Mentors also advocate for their students, encourage them to interact with their peers, and help them find the confidence to succeed in school and beyond. In understanding the specific circumstances of individuals, mentors are a valuable resource for international students to help them find a new home in R-MA. 

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