How Giving to R-MA Supports Our Community’s Honor Code

Student life at R-MA is founded upon honesty, mutual trust, and respect for those around you. These are the guiding principles of our school’s Honor Code. At R-MA, education is about more than good grades – it’s about the personal growth of each student and the development of a mindful community. Here, students and faculty work together to promote strong connections, develop a positive school spirit, and assist every cadet in achieving their goals. 

Teaching Personal Integrity

At R-MA, we encourage every student to develop a strong sense of moral and ethical principles. Honesty and truthfulness are core values of our school’s Honor Code. In treating our students as young adults, we expect them to become worthy of that trust and act with responsibility. 

All academic programs at R-MA challenge students to think critically and independently. By developing their ambitions and setting their own goals, students take responsibility for their academic careers. 

The Honor Code sets the expectation for all R-MA students that lying, cheating, or stealing is not tolerated in our community, and is a violation of the trust each student earns. Whether in their personal or academic endeavors, education at R-MA teaches each student the importance of personal honor over personal gain. Students learn to work diligently and honestly to achieve their goals while upholding their personal values. 

Encourage the growth of honest and hardworking students when you support R-MA

Fostering Respect in the Community

R-MA is fortunate to welcome students from all over the world to contribute to our community culture. Each student is supported in their goals and encouraged to offer the same to their peers. The Honor Code at R-MA teaches that common courtesies should be given to all, and expected by all in return. Both inside and outside of the classroom, students must respect others, including their peers, faculty members, staff members, or visitors to R-MA. 

By teaching students to reinforce positive values in their community, they can reap the benefits of a reliable support network to see them through their personal and academic endeavors. 

The student body at R-MA builds respect and inclusivity in the community

Building Mindful Leadership 

The Honor Code at R-MA goes hand-in-hand with the development of responsible student leaders. Leadership values at R-MA are centered around the good of the collective, as well as the individual. The result of this philosophy is a student body of responsible and courteous individuals with the intent to lead by example. 

Our Cadre Leadership Training is designed to promote character development in cadets by teaching leadership principles, teamwork, and effective communication techniques. This is an experiential exercise in what it takes to become a good leader. Character traits of self-discipline and service to others underpin all teachings of the program. Working together in groups, students learn the importance of teamwork and a positive attitude to build up those around them. By upholding the Honor Code in all avenues of education, R-MA fosters a generation of respectable leaders who are committed to inciting positive change in the world around them. 

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