How Giving Back to R-MA Supports College Acceptances for Our Students

As a leading college-preparatory school in Virginia, Randolph-Macon Academy stands out for our students’ inspiring success stories, our dedication to important lifelong values, and our commitment to a family-like community full of support. 

Graduating from R-MA is only the beginning. Our curriculum offers students the ability to thrive in their academic and career interests as they navigate through college and beyond, building the lives of their dreams. With continued support from our alumni, parents, and friends we are able to provide a high-level academic experience for our students, who achieve a 100% university acceptance rate year after year.

Giving Back to R-MA Supports a Superior University-Prep Curriculum

At R-MA, academic excellence is achieved through student-centered learning. Both faculty and staff are committed to student-centered success, evolving teaching methods and support systems to reflect the needs of each student as they come. Teachers are able to give each individual the attention and instruction that they need through the implementation of caps on class sizes, keeping them small with an average size of 12 students per class. 

Alumni like you can appreciate the preparation that students continue to receive at R-MA. Giving back to R-MA allows us to encourage students to pursue their passions, create lifelong friendships, and achieve academic and professional excellence, all while discovering who they are as individuals.

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Students are able to access a high-level academic curriculum through alumni giving back to R-MA

Students Thrive in Both Academics and Careers Post-Graduation 

At R-MA, students receive individualized attention in the classroom, in their dorm life, and in their college counseling. With a community of support that R-MA builds up around each unique student that comes through our doors, we are able to provide well-rounded, full-circle guidance as they navigate their academic journey both at R-MA and beyond.

Student-centered education employs the student’s prior knowledge, collaboration, and exploration of interests to arrive at an authentic understanding of the world. The student life each individual experiences outside of the classroom instills the values of accountability, teamwork, character, structure, and grit in the entirety of the student body. These values are what carry our graduates to success through their academic pursuits beyond graduation, as well as their career aspirations.

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Students get to actualize their academic and professional goals through the support found at R-MA

College Counseling Services Cater to Each Student’s Dreams

When you make a donation to R-MA, you are contributing to a student’s future. Students thrive with the support of the community found on campus at R-MA, as well as the worldwide support they have as they begin to understand what being an alumnus of R-MA means to every student that has walked through our doors. 

Students additionally find specialized support as they make their way through Upper School, where they work closely with our college counselor and mentors. Students spend years building their college-readiness skills with the help of these advisors, giving them the exact tools they need to excel on their path to their dream university and dream careers. As the academic landscape continues to change every year, our team is always up to date on application best practices and what a student needs to succeed. Supporting R-MA allows us to continue to operate at this high-level status in order to ensure the happiness, confidence, and academic excellence of our students. 

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