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How Giving Back to R-MA Contributes to Student Growth and Development

As one of Virginia’s top boarding high schools, R-MA is dedicated as ever to providing the latest generation of students with exceptional educational opportunities. 

Through all of the school’s programs and activities, R-MA cadets have the opportunity to explore new interests and shape their own futures. By following our enduring Honor Code, the new wave of young students that arrive at the school each year learn to apply honesty, mutual trust, and respect for others in their day-to-day interactions, guiding their lives even after their time on “the Hill.”

With your help and support, we can continue providing experiences that directly contribute to our students’ growth and their futures. 

Personal Growth as the Foundation of Our Programs 

Accountability, teamwork, and structure continue to be enduring aspects of student life for all R-MA cadets. These key principles are woven into all of our programs, helping our students develop the strength of character and grit needed to persevere and rise against challenges. 

By applying these core values in both academic and casual settings, students can begin experiencing a level of personal growth associated with future success. By giving back to R-MA, you can be part of this process to help today’s generation of cadets discover their future calling.

With alumni giving support, we can help our students grow into accomplished individuals

Programs That Build Strong Character

Character development remains at the core of all our school programs, with R-MA’s renowned Air Force Junior ROTC curriculum as a notable example. The Yellow Jackets work together and complete various operations that build instrumental leadership and teamwork skills, pushing their professional development forward. As part of the Corps, the latest generation of R-MA cadets come to embrace selflessness, service, and integrity. 
By participating in this program, today’s young students experience an improvement in their self-confidence, developing the strong character needed to succeed. When alumni choose to support R-MA, it can help us continue to give our students the guidance they need to evolve into accomplished individuals.

By giving back to R-MA, alumni supports our mission to instill strong values in our young cadets

Commitment to Academic Excellence

As a top private school, we provide our students with exceptional educational experiences. Today, that enduring level of quality is reflected by a 100% college acceptance rate, with the Class of ’21 earning over $12.3 million in competitively awarded, merit-based college scholarships. Our continued commitment to innovative academia allows us to create immersive educational experiences that prepare students for life beyond graduation.

With your support, today’s latest generation of cadets can chart their future at an early stage. From Advanced Placement courses and Pre-Professional Pathways to cutting-edge technology and artistic exploration, we can continue guiding these young people as they navigate their options, grow into themselves, and set their sights on bright futures. 

Are you considering giving to the Academy?

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