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How Extracurricular Activities Support Academic Growth in Students at Our Boarding School

Today’s youth find inspiration in many different areas of their lives, whether it’s through interacting with their peers on and off-line, getting involved with their communities, seeking new experiences, or learning in the classroom. It is important for us at Randolph-Macon Academy that students receive healthy, exciting, and interactive opportunities to enrich their academic experience outside of the classroom.

Students at R-MA have the option to participate in a number of extracurricular activities that will help them develop key character traits that can, in turn, benefit their academic growth. As students interact with each other, gain insight from impressive role models, and begin to better understand themselves as individuals, they are able to form habits and values that can improve their academic performance. Continue reading to learn more about the opportunities available to students at R-MA!

Learning Important Life Values Through Athletics

Athletics are an exciting part of the experience at our private middle school and high school. Not only do athletics help students develop sport-specific skills and provide them with an exciting adrenaline rush during competitions, but they also help instill important life values in students, which provide benefits outside of competitions.

Athletes at R-MA learn that their individual skills are part of a bigger picture. They learn important lessons in teamwork, mental toughness, and overcoming obstacles as individuals and as a team. This applies directly to their academics as they begin to understand that an education allows them to be an important and influential part of society. The ways students stretch their mental and physical capabilities on the field show them how they can also persevere when their experiences in the classroom get challenging, helping them to in turn overcome academic obstacles. 

Arts Programs Help Give Students Motivation to Better Apply Themselves at Our Preparatory School

R-MA is a leading preparatory school that is focused on developing the leaders of tomorrow and helping students reach their potential. Our extracurriculars in the visual and performing arts are an important part of this, as they offer students a way to develop interests that provide a lifelong vehicle for enjoyment and personal expression. When students have the opportunity to apply themselves to a project that they have a passion for, it shows them how they can really improve their skills when they decide to put in the work.

preparatory school
Students learn how to apply themselves to the best of their abilities

Getting involved in these hands-on extracurriculars helps students learn more about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. All of the growth and achievements they gain through these activities is something that students can benefit from in middle school, high school, and beyond.

R-MA Spiritual Life Broadens Students’ Perspectives Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Our faculty and staff believe that young people benefit from developing a solid ethical, moral, and spiritual foundation upon which to build their lives. This is why we strive to engender students with a respect for religious heritage as we welcome all faiths. During chapel services, students build on this mutual respect that they carry into other aspects of their lives, such as during collaboration and open discussions in the classroom.

private middle school
Students learn important lessons in leadership, confidence, participation, and respect that carry over into the classroom

Student leadership and participation is encouraged during chapel services, which can help students gain the confidence and experience they need to add value to classroom activities and discussions. With an overall welcoming atmosphere, students realize that R-MA is truly a supportive community. It is a place where students can find assistance in their spiritual journey and academics through open, honest communication.

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