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How Clubs Prepare R-MA Students For Success In Work And Life

As part of the R-MA family, our students can expect to enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities. By participating in our clubs, students develop a variety of skills that will serve them well into their adulthood. In addition, by engaging actively in our community through clubs, students discover themselves. They gain a strong sense of grit, direction, capable of effective goal setting on both a personal and vocational level. Clubs at R-MA are fun, enriching, and extremely beneficial to our students’ university applications. Read on to discover three valuable benefits to R-MA clubs. 

R-MA Students Develop A Variety Of Highly Transferable Skills In Clubs

The clubs at R-MA complement a wide range of interests. Whether a student is interested in playing team sports, expanding certain academic skills, or taking the lead, they will develop a variety of transferable competencies. In our athletic clubs, students learn how to strategize collaboratively, set objectives as a team, and make plans of action. Academic clubs encourage our students to develop various study skills that will serve them in post-secondary and beyond. By practicing their mathematical and language skills, they can significantly improve their comprehension of course material and demonstrate their dedication to academic excellence on their university applications.

R-MA student on stage
R-MA clubs allow students to build skills while they have fun.

Our Clubs Provide A Sense Of Belonging And Instill Confidence 

Participating in extracurricular activities also endows students with a variety of personal benefits. When our students participate in clubs they enjoy valuable fellowship with peers. This allows them to develop strong social skills and feel the profound sense of belonging we strive to create for members of the R-MA family. Our students gain confidence through their participation in our clubs, allowing them to thrive in their post-secondary education and later, in their careers. Leadership clubs like the student council association and the spiritual life leadership team encourage students to believe in their own abilities and participate actively as part of any initiative.

R-MA students playing volleyball as a team
R-MA clubs encourage a strong sense of belonging which fosters confidence and leadership.

Extracurricular Activities Make College Applications Stand Out 

Colleges are seeking applicants who demonstrate both academic excellence and community engagement. Participating in clubs shows colleges that students from our preparatory school are purpose-driven, passionate individuals who will use their education to accomplish something meaningful. In addition to rigorous academic instruction and plenty of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, R-MA provides students with support through the college application process. College counseling helps students make decisions about their future that align with their interests and strengths. Clubs can help students identify what these interests are and bring their strong self knowledge to the college application process. 

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