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How an Education at Our Private Academy Leads to Consistent College Acceptances

The high school years are very formative for young adults, and it’s important that they have the right guidance and support to ensure their long term success. Many factors affect the success of an individual throughout their education, such as class size, teacher to student ratio, difficulty levels, and more.

It can be difficult to find a school that both the student and the parents feel is the best fit. With the added pressure of college acceptances, this can get especially challenging. College preparation can never start too early, and attending a boarding school that is dedicated to every student’s success is an advantage for any child with hopes of getting into a top university. Read on to learn about our academy’s commitment to preparing each student for a successful college application process.

A Private Academy Focused on Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Randolph-Macon Academy stands out as a private academy, as 100% of students go on to attend a leading university. Some of this success can be attributed to the small class sizes with a student-teacher ratio of 9:1. This allows for individualized attention for each student to receive both the recognition and tools necessary to thrive in the classroom.

R-MA also offers students personalized college counseling, starting in Grade 9. Students will benefit from a comprehensive college Readiness Program, college visits, college fairs, and more to help them in the college application process. If the student is younger and looking to attend our Advanced Middle School, then they can access added academic challenges through upper-level classes in algebra, geometry, band, chorus, and foreign languages.

100% of students who attend our private academy go on to attend leading universities

Advanced Technology With State of The Art Facilities

The advanced technology you will find in R-MA’s state of the art facilities will give prospective students access to technology and forward-thinking industries. Students that are passionate about a specific field will be in an environment that can cater to their interests and help them excel in a field that they love exploring.

Students attending this private boarding school at R-MA will stand out from others their age when it comes to college applications. We also offer optional Pre-Professional Pathways in Global Entrepreneurship, Leadership Dynamics, and Aeronautics, Technology, & Engineering Design. This practical application of their education and visible passion for their studies will stand to be impressive on any college application.

Access to advanced technology gives students a better chance of college acceptance

A Tight-Knit Community Provides Mentors for Students to Achieve Their Goals

The positive role models that new students at R-MA will have access to are a huge asset to our educational program. Each new student gets assigned a faculty mentor who will stay up to date with their studies and provide parents with reports on their progress. Teachers and college counsellors are also on-hand to help students get on track to attend their dream university.

Aside from faculty and staff members, students will form close relationships with their peers, allowing them to foster friendships based on passion, ambition, and accountability. These positive experiences will give students the independence and confidence they need to excel throughout their high school education and land their dream college acceptance.

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