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How Academic Assistance Supports Student Learning at Our College Prep School

Student centered learning is a key aspect of the R-MA educational experience, allowing students to develop valuable skills and competencies under the direct guidance of expert teachers. As classroom sizes are small, students can more easily interact with their teachers and classmates—exploring class subjects through collaboration and critical thinking.

Teachers at R-MA are committed to helping students throughout their learning journey, providing guidance and support whenever necessary. Here, students can benefit from a wide range of resources to improve their study habits and delve deeper into their studies. In addition to receiving support from their teachers, students can benefit from R-MA’s academic assistance services to better engage with the class material.  

Here’s a closer look at how students can use academic assistance to enhance their learning!

Receiving Personalized Learning Support to Nurture Personal and Academic Growth

Students wishing to reach their full academic potential and receive personalized academic assistance can participate in R-MA’s Learning Support Program. Here, learning specialists work directly with students to meet their individual learning needs so they can achieve their academic goals. In this nurturing environment, students become independent learners—developing important skills that contribute to a boost in their self-confidence.

While enrolled in the program, students can monitor their own progress on a regular basis. In doing so, they’re able to address both challenges and successes throughout their learning journey. In order to improve their academic performance, students can also learn from peer or outside tutors—filling in any learning gaps and receiving proper support for their academic coursework.

R-MA Students receive personalized support tailored to their learning needs

Preparing for College Success by Building the Right Skill Set at Our Coed Private School

As a college prep school, R-MA offers students advanced teaching and learning opportunities, including Advanced Placement courses and Dual-Enrolled courses with different universities. In fact, in the Class of 2021, 50 of our graduates received over $12.3 million in scholarships, with many earning acceptances to various top-tier universities.

Academic assistance can be used to help students accomplish these academic goals, allowing them to develop the necessary skills in order to better succeed in university. Through academic assistance, students can build solid study habits. They can also join small groups to learn about time management, prioritization, organization, metacognitive strategies, goal-setting, and note-taking, to name a few key skills. With this background, along with the help of skilled college counselors, students can feel better prepared to pursue their dream college and excel in their academic endeavors. 

Students can develop key skills to prepare for college success

Visiting Our Learning Lab to Explore Class Subjects and Receive Additional Support

Students at our coed private school are encouraged to strive for academic success, and are given various opportunities to help them grow throughout their learning experience. Those who want to delve deeper into their studies or discover answers to specific questions can take advantage of R-MA’s Flexible Learning Time. Here, students can meet with teachers to get extra help on homework or to prepare for their assessments.

Tutorial time with a teacher is designed to provide students with a system of accountability that helps them get back on track. By visiting the Learning Lab, students gain access to an additional study hall period where they can receive extra support and supervision from their teachers. In this environment, students can better focus on their studies and work towards improving their academic performance.

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