Here’s How Your Support Can Help Students Explore and Reach their Potential

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we foster curiosity and self-exploration in our students, to help them achieve academic success and personal growth. That’s why we encourage our students to test their abilities in various capacities, from physical endurance to artistic expression to leadership and teamwork

Our range of academic programs and extracurricular activities offer students numerous avenues to explore. All the while, our experienced faculty are there to offer guidance in academic and personal endeavors, and to encourage our student body to form a solid support network. Here’s a closer look at how your support can contribute to our vibrant student community. 

Exploring Interests Outside the Classroom 

R-MA provides many opportunities for students to discover interests outside of the core academic curriculum. Students have the chance to try their hand at activities with a sense of enjoyment, purpose, and personal expression. 

The Visual and Performing Arts program at R-MA encourages students to develop an artistic sensibility through music, theatre, and other mediums. Our Theatre program offers an annual mainstage performance, an intramural Drama Club at the Upper School level, and a Drama elective for middle school students. The program creates a welcoming space for both theatre enthusiasts and curious newcomers to develop their artistic skills in roles as actors, dancers, backstage crew, and playwrights. 

For musically-minded students, R-MA’s award-winning band performs in concerts, parades, and extended tours throughout the United States. Recent tours have traveled to Orlando, Florida, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City. Individual players have the chance to practice and perform on a frequent basis. 

When you contribute to R-MA, you help ensure that our students have continued access to opportunities for developing a sense of community, commitment, and self-expression.

R-MA encourages students to explore artistic passions

Focusing on Athletics to Build Important Skills

Athletics teaches skills of teamwork, physical wellness, and mental resilience. The sports teams at R-MA allow students to develop those skills in an inclusive environment. Our teams practice at several different levels, welcoming students of all athletic abilities to achieve their goals. Available sports include swimming, basketball, football, tennis, cross country, baseball, and more. With a fall, winter, and spring schedule, R-MA’s sports options are extensive.

A focus on athletics at R-MA helps our students to build team skills and keep fit

The Athletic Training Department at R-MA is there to offer expert guidance on medical care and to assist in the rehabilitation of athletes. With the support of alumni donations, R-MA can continue to focus on the importance of sporting and athletic activities for developing our students. 

Supporting Student Wellness

The health and wellness of our student body is a top priority, and R-MA aims to support the individual needs of every student. The mentoring program is designed to provide students with academic and personal guidance throughout the school year. Every student is assigned to a faculty member, who acts as a mentor for that student. Mentors meet with their students for lunch and a mentoring session on a weekly basis. During that time, mentors will work with students to determine their academic and social goals and coordinate an action plan for achieving those goals. Additionally, mentors assist students in determining their class schedules and to advise them on the college application process.

With the support of her alumni, Randolph-Macon Academy can continue to offer students the opportunity to achieve academic success and personal growth in a stimulating environment.

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