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Here’s How Students Benefit From Diverse Opportunities at Our Academy

Students and alumni alike thrive when they are able to connect with the community that has shaped who they are today. As current students move through their years at Randolph-Macon Academy, they have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers as they grow personally and academically. Alumni connect with other past students while providing important inspiration for current students.

R-MA is dedicated to providing a variety of opportunities for our students. We believe they deserve to experience an open-minded, big-picture perspective on the world around them. We honor our students, present and past, with equal opportunities in their courses and outside of the classroom. Continue reading to learn how you can support this ongoing effort.

A Modern Education

As a leading college preparatory school, R-MA works hard to maintain our extensive offerings that help students embrace a modern format of inclusive education. We understand that student needs of today will differ from student needs of tomorrow, and are committed to staying up to date with our changing world. 

We welcome students from all walks of life and from all over the world. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity, understanding that students from different cultures and backgrounds all bring different experiences, perspectives, and ideas for us to learn from. R-MA provides students with the type of modern education they need to become well-rounded individuals and contributors to society.

Students feel comfortable expressing themselves and collaborating with one another in an open, inclusive setting

Students Experience an Extensive Academic Curriculum

R-MA students have access to courses that not only prepare them for university acceptance but also give them the global perspective they need to have a more complete understanding of the world and other people. For example, in world languages classes, students learn to effectively communicate with others in the foreign language through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They also spend time learning about the people of the language, their cultures, the geography of the regions where the language is spoken, and the literature of these places. 

When our generous alumni and donors give to R-MA, they support the multitude of offerings at our school, opening more doors for students to become the best versions of themselves. Upholding our Honor Code helps students remain on a level of mutual respect and trust as they continue to learn about other people and where they come from. With this commitment from all individuals on the R-MA campus, a strong, disciplined, and unified student body is the result. 

Extracurricular Opportunities Supplement Academics

With innovation at the heart of every program and extracurricular offering at R-MA, there are opportunities for every student to succeed in following their passions. Clubs such as Drill Team, Honor Council, and Interact Club all provide students with the opportunity to improve their leadership skills, expand their levels of responsibility, and make a commitment to a group that is bigger than just themselves.

When you support R-MA, you give students the chance to explore their passions while thriving in their academics

Groups like the International Club, the Beacon, and Philosophy Club offer students space to express themselves, explore other cultures, experience ideas from their peers, and contribute. Other opportunities, like the Pre-Professional Pathways, J-Term, and Air Force Junior ROTC program, encourage our students to incorporate their interests into their experience in modern education. With everyone on the same page and ready to help students succeed to confidently become the leaders of the future, R-MA continues to stay ranked as a top college preparatory school. 

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