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Having Junior ROTC on a College Application

We always tell parents about the benefits of Junior ROTC on a college application. It reinforces all the attributes a college is looking for in a student. Leadership, dedication, determination, diligence, excellence, etc. We decided to go straight to the experts in order to back our claim.

R-MA hosted a mini college fair on Wednesday, September 27th. College admissions counselors from Lynchburg, Wake Forest, Hampden-Sydney, Old Dominion, Christopher Newport, Stevenson, Towson, and Randolph-Macon were in attendance to answer any questions our students had. I went over there with a question of my own. “What does it mean to you when you see Junior ROTC involvement on a college application?”

They all had unique impressions of what an applicant from a Junior ROTC corps could do on their campuses. Each admissions counselor spoke of the positive impact Junior ROTC has on an application. They expect those applicants to have a sufficient level of professionalism, dedication, and hard work. That was the consensus, but some colleges and universities were a little more specific.

Representatives from Stevenson University and Wake Forest University believe Junior ROTC members to be “wholesome” and “well-rounded.” Danielle Cales, Admissions Counselor at Wake Forest University, said, “I see someone who is willing to challenge themselves and face adversity.” 

Old Dominion University Admission Counselor, Tiffany Daniel, spoke about the commitment aspect of Junior ROTC. “We want students who will be involved on campus,” explained Daniel. “The fact that a high school student has Junior ROTC on their resume reinforces that.”

“It shows the ability to be involved and to balance priorities while being committed to something outside of class,” said Melissa Stoker, Admissions Counselor for Towson University. “That’s the type of well-rounded individual we want at Towson.”

Admission into colleges and universities is getting more and more competitive with every passing year. These educational institutions want students who are not afraid of a challenge and capable of balancing their priorities. Getting a leg up on this stiff competition is crucial. Junior ROTC can serve as a great tool to get ahead and, more importantly, stay ahead.