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Guiding Students to a Successful Future When You Donate to R-MA

At R-MA, we position our students for success in the post-graduation world. Our educational philosophy prioritizes life-long learning and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s goals. With strong community support, academic qualifications, and relevant career skills, our graduates are equipped for success in their future endeavors. 

By gaining an insight into different professional pathways and the skills required to achieve them, students at R-MA build the confidence to take on new challenges in their personal and professional careers. With the support of our alumni and friends, R-MA continues to offer innovative initiatives both inside and outside of the classroom that help to shape our students’ futures. 

Securing Achievements in Further Education

Our challenging academic program features Advanced Placement courses, Pre-Professional Pathways, robotics, flight, drone programs, and more – all designed to enhance our students’ resumes. University admissions are competitive, and colleges are looking for applicants who can showcase an innovative and challenging academic portfolio. With an emphasis on practical and cutting-edge career skills, the curriculum at R-MA helps students to stand out from their peers. Our graduates hold a 100% college acceptance rate each year, a testament to the strength of academic standing at R-MA. 

The success of our students is largely due to the care and expertise of our faculty.  Through an Academic Advising program and College Readiness Plan, R-MA teachers dedicate one-on-one time to each student to mentor them through academic challenges and the college application process. When you donate to R-MA, you uphold the initiatives that secure the academic and professional futures of our students.

Support academic innovation when you donate to R-MA

Forging Long-Lasting Connections

Community ties are at the heart of all academic and extracurricular pursuits at R-MA. From our engaging teaching faculty to our diverse student body, there are numerous avenues of support for each and every student at R-MA. Through team sports, leadership exercises, and clubs and societies, our students have the opportunity to build life-long connections with their peers over shared activities and interests. 

By establishing a solid support network throughout high school, young people find the confidence to pursue their goals without fear of judgment or failure. In an international community that hosts over 20 different countries, students learn how to respect, trust, and collaborate with one another. 

Students at R-MA benefit from an extensive support network

Building Confidence and Leadership Skills

Students at R-MA are taught to meet the challenges of life with resilience and poise. With the right attitude and experience, our students learn to take on responsibilities that will further their academic and professional careers. 

Through serving as Cadre, a select group of leaders within the cadet corps, our students learn effective leadership principles, communication techniques, and honorable character development. Cadets build their self-confidence and understanding of managerial responsibility. In close collaboration with their peers, students develop people skills that are essential for success in the modern workforce. The program combines academic studies, character building, human relations, and leadership opportunities for a holistic learning experience. Our students develop the skills, traits, and experience necessary to succeed in their post-graduation careers. 

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