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Giving Back to R-MA Helps Pave the Way for Adventurous Career Options for Students

Year after year, R-MA students complete their studies and move on to pursue their interests in higher education across the country and the globe. Without the direction and leadership of R-MA faculty, staff, and donors, our students wouldn’t be able pursue the dreams and possibilities that await them in their future careers.

R-MA students gain a valuable sense of inspiration and direction from the alumni, in whose footsteps they follow. Not only do our alumni support the highly regarded reputation of our school, but they also serve as incredible examples of everything our current students can become when they put in the hard work to achieve their dreams.

Exposing Students to Unique Experiences on Campus

From extensive sports teams and state-of-the-art labs to countless leadership opportunities in clubs, academics, and the Cadre program, R-MA students are exposed to situations that challenge them to excel. With support from donors like you, we are able to tie all these distinct on-campus offerings back to our school’s mindset: The Power of Rise. This mentality helps each student feel empowered to take risks, succeed, and fail as they chase their dreams – a mindset necessary for future career success.

Athletics is just one of the many ways that students at R-MA learn to branch out and challenge themselves to grow in different ways. Just this past year on Giving Tuesday, generous Yellow Jacket fans(including parents, alumni, and friends) raised more than enough money to fully fund the athletic program for the 2021-22 academic year. This enables our athletes to learn how to collaborate and build resilience, while each workout, practice, and game pushes them one step closer to R-MA’s vision: making leaders who will improve humanity. 

supporting R-MA
Athletics at R-MA allows students to challenge their mental and physical strength

Building a Bright Future Based on Individual Passions

Through athletics, students learn a lot about themselves and how to push through tough challenges. In the classroom at R-MA, students have further opportunities to discover their own interests, strengths, and weaknesses. 

At R-MA, we truly support an open, welcoming, and accepting environment, where students feel encouraged to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Only in this environment do students get to discover the possibilities that lie ahead for their future careers.

With this level of support, students are comfortable exploring possible passions alongside their peers. Many students join and lead clubs that cater to their interests, such as the Drama Club, International Club, National Honor Society, and more. Building confidence and curiosity foster an eagerness in students to get out into the real world and pursue their passions.

fundraising for R-MA
Giving back to R-MA helps students access a number of opportunities to pursue their passions

Supporting R-MA Students as They Explore Professional Pathways

Students at R-MA can opt into our Pre-Professional Pathways program, which gives them the option to choose a professional field that most appeals to them. Options include aviation, global entrepreneurship, software and engineering, and more. By gaining a solid foundation in their selected field, students obtain a competitive edge over their peers come time for college applications.

Even better than a competitive edge, the Pre-professional Pathways allow students to continue to build their confidence and further their interests in a possible career. Developing this kind of drive from such a young age shapes the impact that these students have in their future careers, as demonstrated by so many of our alumni. With support for our efforts from around the world, we continue to build a community that uplifts the leaders of tomorrow. 

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