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Get Ready for 2022 Summer Programs at Our Boarding School

Throughout the year, Randolph-Macon Academy is committed to providing a safe, fun and academically enriching experience for talented students. We are proud to extend this level of experience through the summer of 2022, with our programs running from June 26 until July 22.

Our in-person, on-campus programs will give students the opportunity to improve their grades, advance their studies, and discover possible new career paths as they explore various topics. Depending on the age group, students have a number of different course options available, as well as access to the R-MA boarding dorms. Continue reading to learn about each of our programs running this summer!

Discover the Upper School Summer Program at Our Prep School

The Upper School program at R-MA this summer gives students grades 9-12 a chance to earn high school credits upon course completion. Giving students a chance to boost their grades, we offer courses in English, Math, Science, History, and World Language as repeat courses. This way, students get one full credit for the course while achieving a grade improvement.

Additional Math, Science, History, and World Language courses are offered as new courses for original credits at our prep school. Students can expand their course experience with a variety of topics that are specifically tailored to cover topics during a shorter span of time. Some options include Geometry, Drone Applications, World Religions, Flight Training, and Computer Science, and more. The summer course list can be found here.

With weekdays filled with exciting course participation and on-campus activities, and weekends packed with off-campus trips and memorable experiences, students live out their best summers at R-MA. 

Students in our summer program get to thrive in and out of the classroom, with both on-campus and off-campus activities

Middle School Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Middle School students from grades 6-8 also have a chance to participate in our exciting summer programs, full of enrichment opportunities geared towards enhancing their academic careers throughout middle and high school. A myriad of subjects are available, all designed to gauge intellectual curiosity and development.

Whether a student chooses Creative Writing, Robotics, History, Study Skills, Music, ESL, or another enriching course, they will thrive in our supportive summer environment. Renovated dorms separated by age groups and genders help students feel comfortable and at-home over the course of their programs. Students make lasting friendships through administered activities such as scavenger hunts, paintball sessions, outdoor and indoor movie viewings, game nights, campfires with s’mores, as well as free-time to relax and enjoy.

One of Our Most Popular Programs: Aviation Explorers

We are thrilled to present the details of one of the most popular programs offered during the summer at our boarding school. The Aviation Explorers program, open to Upper School students and rising grade 9 students, includes classroom instruction for Flight Training and Drone Applications.

Our summer boarding school option, Aviation Explorers, lets students enter the world of flight training and drone applications

Both of these courses provide exciting and in-depth hands-on training that often leads to a gateway to new career industries, whether students want to work in the US or abroad. This unique program gives students actual flight time on two school-owned Cessna aircraft and state-of-the-art drones throughout each section of the course. And with the opportunity to complete the FAA remote pilot (drone) certification, students feel a rewarding sense of accomplishment with all of their hard summer work.

Interested in learning more about our private middle school and high school programs?

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