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Fostering Self-Respect in Students When You Support R-MA

Developing moral character in students is an important part of the educational experience at R-MA. Our Academy delivers graduates with a strong sense of self, who are committed to bringing about positive change in their communities. The learning process at R-MA inspires confidence and the desire to do good, and underscores the value of overcoming adversity. These are the key tenets of a self-respecting student. 

Through a challenging curriculum, leadership initiatives, and a supportive community, students at R-MA develop strength in their character. If you’re interested in doing your part to shape the next generation of graduates, read on to discover how you can support the development of students at R-MA.  

A Look at Our Community Values

The campus at R-MA is built upon an Honor Code that states that every individual must be treated with mutual trust and respect. Within that setting, every student becomes a valued member of the community. To trust a person is to make that person worthy of trust; by treating our students as self-reliant, we encourage them to act responsibly. 

As a coed school with a vibrant student body, R-MA welcomes individuals of all backgrounds to express themselves and find confidence in their own voices. The result is a pool of graduates who are self-assured, trustworthy, and ambitious critical thinkers. They excel in a goal-oriented environment and aim to use their talents to better the world. 

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Encouraging Academic Achievement

The academic curriculum at R-MA develops a sense of accomplishment for our students. Through our challenging, rigorous programs, they come to value their own abilities and push themselves towards higher achievement. With an average class size of 12, programs at R-MA provide the personalized level of attention and instruction needed to promote academic success in every student. The student-centered approach to learning encourages individuals to tap into their own knowledge, hone their critical thinking skills, and arrive at informed decisions about the world around them. 

Advanced learning opportunities in our Upper School build even greater confidence in our students. They have the chance to explore their potential through Dual-Enrolled classes, a seminar-style January term, and Pre-Professional Pathways. Achieving academic success is a chance for students to take pride in their efforts.

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Students develop self-respect through academic achievement

Character-Building Initiatives 

Outside of the classroom, students are empowered to take up leadership roles that build character and accomplishment. Many clubs at R-MA are student-led, giving individuals the chance to take charge of their interests and bring new experiences to the community. 

Additionally, the Air Force Junior ROTC curriculum is an exercise in leadership and character development. Students are taught to maintain standards of discipline and conduct while learning the value of a positive attitude. Cadets have the chance to work on their written and oral communication to improve their public speaking skills and build self-confidence. With a strong sense of pride and responsibility, students at R-MA graduate as self-respecting leaders of the future. 

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