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4 Ways The Character & Leadership Development Program At R-MA Fosters Grit

Grit is defined as passion and perseverance towards achieving a goal, even when faced with great challenges. At R-MA, we strive to provide our students with a safe, comfortable, and family-like environment. This helps them develop a strong sense of belonging and self-worth; however, through the Character & Leadership Development Program, we prepare them for the challenges of adult life. Several aspects of our unique instruction model are designed to instill grit within our students, ensuring they become strong, courageous, and thriving community members. Here’s how! 

1. Strong Unit Cohesion Teaches Students to Face Challenges as a Team

There’s a common misconception that for a person to be strong or possess true grit, they must be able to face all of life’s challenges entirely on their own. The ability to collaborate enhances a person’s grit. A significant component of grit is the ability to be resourceful in pursuing our goals. Often, our most valuable asset is the ability to join forces with our community, co-workers, family, and friends. The Character & Leadership Development Program encourages strong group cohesion where students attend classes with other unit members and participate in various team-building activities that strengthen their ability to face challenges together.

Two young male Character & Leadership Development Program students posing together in the school hallway.
The Character & Leadership Development Program encourages strong group cohesion.

2. An Emphasis on Leadership Encourages Students to Act With Courage and Confidence

Providing opportunities to lead is an essential part of developing grit in students. In many ways, a good leader embodies grit. They must possess a passion for whatever common goal they’re pursuing, persevere through challenging group dynamics or external circumstances, and exhibit strong character and emotional resilience when facing overwhelming situations. Principles of Leadership is an integral component of the Character & Leadership Development Program allowing students to give and receive valuable mentorship. 

3. Holistic Health and Fitness Prepares Students to Thrive 

Though grit encourages individuals to persevere, when done correctly, it does so while avoiding self-neglect. Being in good health is a significant asset to facing any challenge students encounter and ensures they put forth their best efforts to achieve their goals. We teach our students how to establish robust mental and physical health holistically. They will be taught how to create their fitness routines based on personal goals, the principles of healthy nutrition, and how to develop emotional resilience.

A group of Character & Leadership Development Program students playing soccer on the school field.
The Character & Leadership Development Program teaches good physical health practices.

4. Self-Discipline Is Essential to Developing Grit in Students

To achieve any goal, a measure of self-control and discipline is required. Instilling self-discipline is an essential aspect of how to develop grit in students. The Character & Leadership Development Program covers the military code of conduct, ethical decision-making, drills, and etiquette. They are provided with the tools to delay gratification in favor of goal achievement – an essential ability for success in any endeavor in school, at work, and beyond. 

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