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Flight and Ground Lesson by Trevor Illman ’12

On February 23, 2011, I took one of my many flight lessons in which I practiced take-offs and landings. This was my fourth or fifth time doing this lesson because it can be very challenging to perfect the art.

At first in the lesson I went out into the practice area and did a few clearing turns and then went into a steep turn to the left and then repeated the first two steps and did one to the right. I then proceeded to simulate an engine fire and went through the steps that I would have to perform if this event would actually occur.

After I did a few other procedures I flew back to the airport, making calls to Front Royal traffic the whole time. I flew over the airport and came in for the downwind to runway 28. I came up to high for the first landing because I didn’t descend fast enough but the following landings were very much improved.

On March 24 we had a visitor that came in to talk to us about flight examinations, and some of the principles of flight. Our guest was a designated pilot examiner who has tested a few of the students who have graduated from our school. He gave us some stories about the history of flight and also told us what the most common mistakes were of the people who take the test. Our class enjoyed all of the interesting stories he had to tell and he gave us insight as to what key errors we should not make while flying.