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First Annual Yellow Jacket Academy Awards

Amidst sparkling apple cider, freshly made popcorn, and movie-themed decorations, formally (and some not so formally) dressed attendees mingled and laughed during the reception for the First Annual Yellow Jacket Academy Awards. 

The awards ceremony, held Sunday evening, February 18th, in Boggs Chapel, was the revealing of which videos had earned the coveted prizes that included cash, gift cards to various local stores, and homemade goodies, as well as jars of candy from I Want Candy and gift certificates to C&C Frozen Treats in downtown Front Royal. 

There were 16 video submissions in the categories of Hype, Infomercial, Comedy, and Cinematic. Each one was judged independently by English Teacher and Drama Assistant Brandon Sloan, Communications Assistant and Awards Co-Organizer Cooper Bourdon '11, and Falcon Scholar Trey Shuford '18. Each video was also entered into the People's Choice Award competition; votes were placed between February 13th and 16th. 

Overall, the judges were pleased with the submissions, though they did express a desire to see more creativity in next year's titles. The 2018 winners are as follows:

Comedy, First Place: The Story of Odysseus 
Comedy, People's Choice: 1080 p

Infomercial, First Place: R-MA Diversity (Final).mp4
Infomercial, People's Choice: Diversity Project

Hype, First Place: RMA Movie_1.mp4
Hype: People's Choice: My Movie 2

Cinematic, First Place: My Movie
Cinematic, People's Choice:  My Movie 

Overall Prizes
Faculty: Christmas Message 2017
People's Choice: 1080 p
Third Place: Mission Trip Fall 2017
Second Place: My Movie
First Place: RMA Movie_1.mp4

Check out the top three videos below!

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

The organizers thank the R-MA Parents' Association, I Want Candy, and C&C Frozen Treats for their support of this event.