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Finding Your Academic Path at Our Prep School

Students at Randolph-Macon Academy learn so much about themselves during their time with us in such formative years. From middle school through high school, students gain a unique sense of respect for themselves and their peers as they grow up together and become strong leaders and distinctive individuals. Our goal at R-MA is to help each student discover who they are while finding the academic path that best suits their strengths and goals.

R-MA students are able to cement bright futures through the experiences they encounter at our college prep school. From their personal development inside and outside of the classroom, they are able to gain an idea of who they want to be in life and what their future can look like. Running with this inspiration, students successfully envision a bright academic path that will help them get to where they want to be. Continue reading to discover how you can find your way at R-MA.

Discovering Your Skills and Building Confidence

Personal development is a necessary component of academic growth and success. At R-MA, you will be challenged in new ways that inspire deeper internal reflection and connection to your values. At R-MA, we adopt the Power of Rise mindset, which applies to all students in all grades. This mindset is what leads students to take risks without fear of failure, giving them the confidence to achieve success. Lessons learned at our preparatory school result in a rewarding sense of accomplishment, even if the outcomes aren’t what students initially expected. As an R-MA student, you will undoubtedly be exposed to such lessons, giving you the grounds to explore your values and help you overcome adversity, all while learning more about yourself and what makes you unique. Once you discover your specific skills and lean into what you personally enjoy and strive for in life, you will be on your way to finding an academic path that suits your dream future.

When you graduate from our prep school, you’ll have a clear vision for your academic path ahead.

Selecting Program Options at Our College Prep School

Personal growth never stops at R-MA, but once you have a good idea of the person you’re becoming, you’ll be able to select program options at our college prep school that will lead you to your goals. If you know you want to earn college credits before starting at a university, then you can prioritize the completion of our Dual-Enrolled courses to ensure you start college with the credits you need. R-MA also offers the unique opportunity to attend Aviation classes and a Flight Program for those who are inclined to explore the skies and earn their pilot’s license. The J-Term option at R-MA allows students to further define their academic path, choosing a subject to explore over their winter break. The J-term courses are seminar-style and offer experiential learning for students to get involved with their passions in real-life applications. If you’re more interested in computer science, then you can prioritize Robotics as part of our Computer Science course, giving you a foundation to grow if you choose to further pursue this field. Overall, our wide variety of courses and programs help students better visualize their options for their futures, giving them the confidence to define an academic path that is best for them.

As an R-MA student, you’ll receive the support you need to achieve your goals.

Meeting with Our Experienced Guidance Counselor

Our guidance counselor is another resource you can choose while trying to determine your academic path. With an overall Going-to-College spirit on campus at our prep school, our College Counseling emphasizes a team effort that ensures no student is left behind. Working together with your parents, your faculty mentor, your school staff and your guidance counselor, you will be able to build a college resume that prepares you for acceptance into your ideal university. Our guidance counselor will make sure that you find the best academic, social, and financial fit for your unique situation, setting the stage for an academic path that is successful in the long term.

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