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Exploring Academic Options in the University Visits Summer Program at R-MA

Being prepared for university gives students a significant advantage as they adjust to the higher demands of post-secondary academics, newfound independence, and future careers. For this reason, our preparatory school is fully committed to aiding our students as they explore their university options and prepare for success after graduation. 

Our University Visits Summer Program encourages our students to think seriously about their university plans, but the program doesn’t stop with tours. Our summer program helps students to achieve high SAT scores and make their university applications stand out. Keep reading for more details regarding what the University Visits Summer Program offers. 

Prepare For Success In An SAT Prep Class 

Offered exclusively in this program, SAT prep classes provide our students with all the tools they need to achieve the required scores to reach their goals. Lessons cover reading, writing and language, and math (with and without calculators). In addition, our SAT prep classes teach students independent, self-paced study strategies and test-taking skills that they can carry well into their university careers and beyond.

Students from the R-MA Summer Program exploring academic options during a university visit
Our SAT prep classes equip students with study strategies and test-taking skills that will benefit them in university and beyond.

Students can also take an extra course in English, algebra, geometry, biology, United States history, modern world history, world religions, Spanish, computer science, and ESL (English as a second language). 

Get A Sneak Peak Into University Life During University Tours In Washington DC

The R-MA University Visits Summer Program students get a unique opportunity to visit different schools in the Washington DC metropolitan area. University poses a one-of-a-kind challenge for many students as it represents the beginning of an entirely new stage in life where they are independent, busy, and likely planning for the future. Our university visits, which take place each Saturday during the four-week program, allow students to acclimate to university life, calm any nerves, get their burning questions answered, and explore their options to determine which school best suits their academic and personal objectives.

R-MA Summer Program participants having interactions during an insightful university tours
Our university visits help students acclimate, get answers, and explore options for the best academic fit.

Get Specialized University Application Guidance From The R-MA Academic Team 

Once students have toured a few schools, their excitement will likely run high, leaving many ready to start putting their applications together. Our prep school offers plenty of support during the application process through our academic team. Students meet with the team once a week to evaluate SAT prep progress and discuss college application goals. Students will receive guidance on application mapping, essay selection, and setting realistic expectations for the following academic year. 

Not only is our summer program highly enriching to any student seeking to succeed in their post-secondary careers, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for fellowship with other students, particularly on Sundays when brunch is served and on-campus activities occur. 

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