Explore What Goes Into a College Readiness Plan at R-MA

The journey to college acceptance is a very rigorous and ultimately fulfilling experience for many students in high school. It culminates all the efforts and resources invested in pursuing higher education. As such, every aspiring college student needs to have a plan for college as early as possible.

This college plan is developed with faculty members, parents, and other academic community members for Randolph-Macon Academy students so they get all the support they need to make a seamless transition from school dorms to college halls. In this blog, we discuss some of the essential components of the college readiness plan that our students benefit from. Read on to learn more.

Rigorous College-Level Coursework

The quality of education students receive at our private high school is of the highest attainable level. Many of the learning resources that our aspiring college students rely on can be found in the domain of some top colleges in the US and elsewhere.

The learning syllabus draws from crucial components of college-level coursework. Students get an early feel of the college learning experience with a substantial list of honors and AP courses. Many students go on to pursue various academic interests in top universities across the US and beyond, and they slot in seamlessly to their academic surroundings very quickly. 

College Counseling at R-MA

College counseling is a critical part of the overall college readiness program at R-MA and for good measure. Students need quality guidance and the proper support to navigate their college preparation and application process. That’s why the counselor at R-MA is well-equipped to provide this support in the required shape.

A female R-MA student in conversation with a college counselor
R-MA students receive college counseling to help them make the right decision.

From rendering help with college essays, interviews, and the application process, our counselor goes even further, helping students identify the right college to match their career aspirations. Our counselor also works closely with students to develop plans for their academic and non-academic life. Students get clarity on critical college-related issues after meeting with a counselor, which helps them make the right moves going forward.  

Visits to Campus by College Admission Representatives

R-MA organizes university fairs for students every year, and these events provide an opportunity for students to have a good look into their college prospects. During these fairs, representatives from several top schools converge on campus and hold discussions with aspiring college students.

Two male R-MA students meeting with a college representative
R-MA students get to meet college representatives on designated University Fair days.

These discussions mostly revolve around admission requirements, general school life, academic programs, and other subjects that interest students. Students get clarity on important college-related inquiries, and many become even more motivated to succeed academically. 

Exams to Prepare for College

Students’ SAT, ACT, and AP exams go a long way in determining if their college applications will be accepted. R-MA is a renowned preparatory school committed to giving its students the best placement exam preparation possible. The school has built a long-standing reputation for the academic prowess of its students. 

To sustain this culture of excellence, we have continued to deliver quality education in line with best practices for standardized testing. R-MA offers AP courses in English, science, and history. Students who complete these courses and pass the AP exam go on to earn extra credits, placing them in due consideration for acceptance.

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