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Exceptional Learning Resources for Our Students When You Support R-MA

Student life outside of the classroom at Randolph-Macon Academy is just as important to the learning experience as any academic course we offer. Exceptional learning experiences are available all around campus, thanks to the continued support R-MA receives from our alumni. These include advanced courses, top-of-the-line technology, updated dorm facilities, and more.

Resources like these remain available to students and are updated regularly with the contributions we receive from our alumni. 

We take the student experience very seriously here at R-MA, and we want to ensure that future generations have the same exciting journeys as our alumni had. Keep reading to see how you can uplift these important initiatives and help us provide more exceptional learning resources for R-MA students.

Help Us Maintain Advanced Aviation and Drone Equipment

A major draw to our private academy is our unique Aviation program, which is the only one of its kind at the secondary school level in the United States. Providing both flight and drone instruction, R-MA offers students access to the Unmanned Systems Lab as well as hands-on flying practice in our two Cessna 172 Skyhawks. With aviation industries growing rapidly, it’s always important to us to maintain updated equipment in our labs and in the skies.

Our alumni who contribute to R-MA fundraising cement our ability to provide state-of-the-art programs and equipment to our students. Not only does this benefit their ability to learn with updated technology and techniques, but it also supports R-MA’s position as a top competitor in the education field. As our alumni can attest, the experience on campus at R-MA is unparalleled, and our commitment to updating curricula and supplies helps us continue to provide the best opportunities to new students.

supporting R-MA
Contribute to R-MA fundraising to support advanced courses, like our Aviation Program

Support R-MA Campus Technological Updates

Other areas of campus also benefit from technological updates when our alumni support R-MA. For the 2021-2022 school year, we provided students with the latest hardware from Apple, and each student received a laptop to help them access their course assignments and further their studies. These laptops are all equipped with SmoothWall Firewall and Content Filtering protection, along with Symantic Virus/Malware Protection software to protect our students. On top of technology updates and support, students receive internet safety training during their Residential Life Curriculum, helping them understand what it takes to use websites and social media responsibly.

support R-MA
Funding supports technology improvements in and out of the classroom

Constant Improvements to Academic Support Resources 

Academic resources at R-MA continue to grow as the years go on, and are adapted when the standards of college admissions change. In order to stay up to date with current admissions requirements and to promote student success, our academic support resources are updated regularly. 

A few of our academic resources require experienced professionals with the time and expertise to guide students toward their full potential. The Learning Support Program at R-MA provides guidance to cadets to help them reach their full academic potential by understanding and honoring their strengths. At the same time, it recognizes that students need support to find true success in a rigorous academic environment. Additionally, every day during Flexible Learning Time, students have the opportunity to meet with teachers for extra help in the Tutorial and Learning Lab. With constant support from our alumni, we’re able to continue to offer a variety of academic support services.

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