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Our Character & Leadership Development Program: Exploring All Four Tracks

At R-MA, character-building is essential to the success of our students. With strong, soft skills such as leadership, ethical decision-making, holistic wellness, and emotional resilience in their arsenals, students at our college prep school are prepared to thrive in all aspects of life.

The Character & Leadership Development Program is specifically designed to endow students with the characteristics of an individual who makes a positive impact within their chosen field and their community. Keep reading to explore all four tracks of the Character & Leadership Development Program and how they prepare students to flourish academically, socially, and personally.

1. The Code of Conduct Promotes Ethical Decision-Making

The Character & Leadership Development Program teaches students the value of ethics at a community and individual level. Students create personal roadmaps to keep themselves accountable and make ethical decisions.  The Code of Conduct, Military Courtesy, and Drill track explores military traditions and courtesies and their relevance in daily life. Students hone their public speaking and presentation skills – both competencies that continue to serve them in college and throughout their future careers. 

The spirit of healthy competition further enriches the learning experience through the Yellow Jackets drill team. The Yellow Jackets drill team is student-owned and student-led. Their excellent teamwork and diligence have helped them to earn championship titles and also to stay committed to supporting one another during good times and bad, as a family would. Get a sneak peek at the Yellow Jackets here! 

2. Physical Fitness Encourages Students to Prioritize Their Wellness

The physical fitness track of our Character & Leadership Development Program promotes holistic wellness. Not only are our students prepared to meet the physical demands of any military path, but they also learn how to maintain their emotional well-being. 

Our students learn that success starts from within as they practice setting and achieving personal fitness goals, retain good nutrition, and receive First Aid training. An understanding of holistic wellness ensures that our graduates maximize their potential through proactive self-care.

A class of students in the Character & Leadership Development Program wearing gym attire walking on a track during physical fitness.
The Character & Leadership Development Program fosters physical and emotional health.

3. The GPS for Success Keeps Students in Our Character & Leadership Development Program Focussed

This track provides a unique, positive approach to preventing substance abuse and other harmful habits in our students. GPS for Success is a life skills prevention program that communities and schools nationwide use to foster emotional intelligence. Rather than focus on drugs, this program created by the My Life My Power Institute strives to inspire students at our college prep school to explore possibilities through five core possibilities: vision, mission, purpose, team, and commitment.

R-MA students in the Character & Leadership Development Program using a laptop in a crowded auditorium.
Our Character & Leadership Development Program’s GPS for Success encourages a positive mindset.

4. The Principles Of Leadership Skills For Effective Collaboration 

This track of our Character & Leadership Development Program covers various aspects of effective collaboration. Students go through four modules: 

  • The Synergy of Fellowship and Leadership: Unlocking the Power of Effective Collaboration
  • Ethical Decision-Making: Navigating Moral Dilemmas with Integrity
  • Adaptive Leadership: Navigating Change
  • Creating a Positive Team Culture: Building Collaboration and Success

Upon completion, our students will be familiar with common collaboration challenges seen during any project. They will learn how to navigate change, make ethical decisions, create a positive work atmosphere, and know when it’s time to follow and when to take the lead. 

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