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Did You Know That R-MA Is Experiencing an Upswing in Enrollment? Thank You for Supporting R-MA!

Randolph-Macon Academy continues to climb the ranks of top private schools and attract students from across the US and the world to our high-quality education. R-MA is now ranked the 4th Best Boarding School in Virginia and the 10th Best Private High School in the state. We’re also proud to be the 4th Most Diverse Private School in Virginia! While student enrollment at private schools has been going down for the last many years across North America, enrollment at R-MA is now on a notable upswing.

This is thanks to the unique offerings that students at our academy have access to. From innovative academic programs and expert teaching staff to enriching extracurriculars and a community of hard workers, students come to our campus to lay the foundation for a successful future. Learn how R-MA continues to welcome new generations of students with the support of our donors!

Attracting Students to High-Quality Programs 

The academic experience is one of the top selling points of our academy. R-MA offers a superior university-preparatory curriculum with an elite Air Force JROTC program to prepare graduates to take on successful academic and professional futures. 

Our extensive course offerings include subjects such as Robotics & Computer Science, Aviation, Global Entrepreneurship, and Visual & Performing Arts. In each program, students will find a unique educational format that builds confidence, critical thinking, and collaboration. Through a student-centered approach, our academic programs prepare each individual to arrive at an authentic understanding of the world and put their talents to good use. 

Not to mention, 100% of our graduates are accepted to the best universities around the world every year, and many receive generous scholarships. With the knowledge that they can achieve their academic goals at our academy, more and more students continue to put their faith in an R-MA education each year.

With fundraising for R-MA, we can continue to attract students to our advanced academic programs

Exciting Opportunities Outside the Classroom 

Fundraising for R-MA  is committed to providing the level of opportunity that will transform the experiences of new students for years to come. An education at R-MA is about more than academic achievement. It is about building lifelong habits, developing a strong sense of character, and finding new interests inside and outside of the classroom. 

Students come to our campus with various skills and passions and find a wide range of extracurricular activities to satisfy their interests. Athletic opportunities are available for all skill levels, with facilities and equipment to match on a vast 135-acre campus. Likewise, our Visual and Performing Arts program offers a hands-on approach to the experience of beauty in music and art as students find their own form of personal expression. 

As part of our school’s unique Air Force JROTC program, students can take on the challenge of holding a position of leadership within the Corps. The week-long Cadre Leadership Training is a chance for students to work together in teams, engage in practical leadership training, and participate in a formal promotion ceremony. 

These experiences are all ones that continue to attract new generations of students to an engaging and dynamic campus.

Our extracurricular activities offer something for everyone

How You Can Expand Our Community By Supporting R-MA

R-MA’s enrollment levels are currently on the rise, with recent fundraising initiatives that show support for our school’s commitment to offering a high-quality learning experience to students. Our school remains committed as ever to creating a community of confident thinkers who excel in a goal-oriented, team environment and want to use their talents to better the world. It is this community that sets the standards of excellence at our academy and paves the way for future R-MA classes. When you make a donation to R-MA, you make a valuable contribution to the advanced teaching approaches and unique opportunities that our private school is renowned for. 

Are you interested in supporting R-MA to uphold the reputation of our boarding school?

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