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Delivering a Modern Education to Students When You Support R-MA

At Randolph-Macon Academy, students are prepared to excel in today’s globalized world. Through a modern education that prioritizes practical skills and real-world experiences, students have the opportunity to develop and grow into responsible and impactful leaders who can positively impact their community. 

Our student-centered teaching approach focuses on character and academic development. With your support, we can continue providing our young cadets with an enriching education tailored to the modern world—preparing them for future success in today’s competitive global landscape. Here’s a closer look at how your support can help deliver a modern education that enhances the R-MA student experience. 

Helping Students Develop Global Perspectives in an Inclusive Learning Space

Young cadets at R-MA learn in an inclusive space that welcomes different backgrounds and perspectives. Here, 30% of students come from outside the United States, representing over 20 countries around the world. 

This international community creates a diverse learning environment that promotes personal growth and cultural understanding—both of which are essential in today’s global economy. Strong communicators who prioritize empathy and respect are particularly valuable. By following the school’s Honor Code and learning alongside a diverse group of peers, young cadets can develop these skills and become successful leaders.

Students at R-MA develop global perspectives that position them for success in the modern workforce

Creating High-Value Learning Opportunities Designed for the Real-World

With the right education, students can develop practical skills for success in university and beyond. R-MA’s programs are specifically designed to provide students with valuable learning opportunities that allow them to discover and reach their full potential. Through state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge programs, students can practice in real-world settings and get ahead of the curve. 

R-MA provides its ambitious and hardworking students with access to the latest technologies. Here, students can study aviation by practicing on two Academy-owned aircrafts as well as a flight simulator.  Those studying robotics can explore key concepts through hands-on projects and high-level competitions. By giving back to R-MA, you can help sustain these resources and introduce new ones that continue to enhance the student learning experience—providing cadets with a practical modern education tailored for success in the real world.  

Your support can help provide students with unique, high-value learning opportunities

Giving Back to R-MA by Supporting Innovative Academic Programs 

Innovation is at the heart of R-MA’s academic programs—impacting R-MA’s curriculum through Advanced Placement courses, Dual-Enrollment courses, and Pre-Professional Pathways. For years, R-MA graduates have received academic honors and have attended top-tier universities across North America.  Through our innovative initiatives and the Power of Rise, R-MA students have been able to achieve their goals and grow into accomplished young adults. 

With your support, we can continue improving our innovative academic programs to provide young cadets with the best learning experience possible. These efforts can help students develop a competitive edge that positions them for future success in the modern workforce. In this way, R-MA can continue nurturing impactful leaders who go on to improve the world around them.

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